November 4th, Thursday
I had to go to Gloucester today to interview a man and wife recommended. I found them a very respectable couple, in fact too superior for what I want I fear, and settled they should come out and have a look at the place on Saturday. I don’t think they’d do and shall not be sorry if they think so too. We are getting along so happily, no worries and no disagreeables of any sort, pretty hard work but I do not believe in sitting down under the circumstances. I did various shoppings today including a new hat, a sort of toreador bull chasing affair which I already hate! I got two tea gowns and coat and skirt from Elmore, all very nice and pretty.

Nov 5th
Guy Fawkes. How well I remember every anniversary of this day when the children were babies, how we used to have fireworks “displayed” by Young in the garden! and how on one occasion Johnny Baker got a squib up his leg and had to be led away howling!

Nov 6th
The mail in this morning bringing letters from Win and Yso. Win and Eve were home again, Win having been to 33 evening dances and 25 afternoon ones, too much for anyone and she’ll rag herself to pieces.
The couple (of prospective servants) came and inspected today. I don’t think they were at all impressed and so I hope for a let off but he will write and let me know.

Nov 7th
To Kirk, a tiny congregation. It is a very scattered parish and no real village at all.

Nov 8th, Monday
A letter this morning from the couple declining the situation and I felt as though someone had presented me with £80! so now we can carry on a bit longer and my dear Letty can continue her ministrations. We hear that the Franks, Arthurs and Landons have no servants either (all Herbert’s brothers). May’s factotum has just given her notice also and Aimee has just got a maid and I hear she is leaving at the end of this month!! Strange times.

Nov 9th
A busy day churning, cooking, bed making, room cleaning and to end up with as Blake has gone to G to the Fruit Show we did the separating. Warren did the milking and as he was slow it got chilled, consequently no cream came and we had to rewarm the milk and do it all over again. By night I had had about enough!

Nov 10th
A partial eclipse of the sun. It grew strangely dark and weird but I knew nothing until I went to tea at the Carnegys (sic) who informed me.