November 11th, Thursday
Armistice Day
From the brain of a certain parson, Railton by name, one time Army chaplain and now Vicar of Margate, came the wonderful idea of burying an Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey and this was done today. The accounts of the ceremony will appear tomorrow and one cannot imagine the utter perfection of it all. This Unknown one was brought over from France with French soil in which to bury him and he is to be the symbol of all those who gave their lives for us and our country. I was at the station during the two minutes silence and one thought of this hush all over the country. The air seemed electric with magnetism, one felt the silence.

November 12th
In today’s DT there are stirring accounts of yesterday’s ceremony but how can words describe the wonder of it all, the perfect simplicity and absolute equality of it all, from the King who stood as chief mourner to the humblest there, what a wondrous sight and yet I don’t think I could have stood it. Some day I will make my Pilgrimage to his grave just to say “Thank You”.

Nov 13th
Today to the Gwynne Evans for Bridge, he came and fetched us. We played from 3 to 6.30. We had a perilous drive home, the lamps giving no light at all and once we were nearly up a bank.

Nov 14th, Sunday
We had hoped that with the rest of the country to have had a special service today but our little parson made no reference whatever to it and didn’t even preach on it and so we feel defrauded, he is odd in that way.

Nov 15th, Monday
We have had a fearful night of storm, torrents of rain and howling wind, one of those evenings when the house sweats and my passe partout photos fall out of their papers on to the floor with a crash. It has been a vile day and muggy. I had no energy but made up for it after lunch by cleaning out the entire tool shed. I got rid of a barrow load of mess and it looks lovely now. The papers say that the procession past the Cenotaph still continues, masses and masses of people all laying flowers there and in the Abbey. What are they going to do when they fade.

Nov 16th
I went in to G today to attend a meeting of the Field Club in the Tech Schools. Various papers are read and specimens produced and then we have tea.

Nov 17th
A lovely day and gardened till dark. I left all the washing up to Mrs J and fled out. It is rather a treat to get away from “washing up”. One seems no sooner finished with one meal that its time to start on the next.

Nov 18th, Thursday
To lunch came Mrs Wilkinson and Maby. We had cheese eggs, roast fowl, plum tart and chocolate pudding! so I cooked busily all the morning. After lunch we went out and collected loads of plants for their garden.
I was frightfully bucked at hearing from Pink that they have made him a prefect at College.

Nov 19th
Churning day and consequently an extra busy one but I managed to put in a little gardening and gradually all is getting tidy. We should have masses of flowers next year if all’s well.