November 20th, Saturday
I’ve had a very interesting letter from the Hamster (this was Wynne’s uncle Walter, living in Munich). A fair state of chaos reigns, strikes, anarchism, socialism, radicalism and all the other isms are rife, wages reaching appalling heights but prices are such that they are of little use. A tram conductor gets 900 Mark a month, a grave digger 1400! but as the buying value of the mark is about 2d these wages do not go far. Butter is 10/9 lb, Meat 12/- to 14/-, Potatoes 35/- cwt, Milk 1/10 a quart, tea 39/-, coffee 35/-, a suit of clothes £100 and so on. It is almost as bad as Russia. Many things are high in England but we do not have to struggle like that. A suit of clothes can be bought for from £4 to £5, tea, coffee and groceries are all low in proportion. You can get Indian tea for 2/4 and our excellent coffee is only 2/11, butter 4/6 to 5/- lb, so we are really well off.

Nov 21st
To Kirk as usual. Our little padre is a good practical Christian but he seems to have very little of any sentiment in his religion, he looks on all that as mawkish and so a great deal of it is but I think one can overdo the other side. He rushes through his services and leaves one breathless and if he reads any prayer unfamiliar to one you cant hear a word he says.
His sermon this morning bordered on very thin ice but our tiny simple congregation don’t understand half he says so it doesn’t really effect them!

Nov 22nd
We awoke to a white world of hoar frost this morning, so white I thought there had been snow. It was beautiful but it was cold. I put on two of everything, even stockings and gloves. Poggy went to Glos on hair cutting errand and nearly got frozen in the open bus and when the postman arrived his beard was white with rime and he looked like Father Christmas.

Nov 23rd
A thaw but a vile wind makes it feel colder. It was pitch dark this morn but I lit the lamp and dressed in comfort. Churning morning and made 7lbs but it is getting less and less as Lena is just on dry. Martha (recently sacked servant) came over to see me today full of cacklings and ghosts and complaints and I shouldn’t wonder if the day were to come when she returns to us again. Letters from the children. Pink as a prefect enjoying himself and says it is very pleasant to have lots of little boys to run about and do things for you.

Nov 24th
The world is ringing with news of the latest abomination from Ireland. It appears upon Sunday morning at about 9 a gang of Sinn Feeners (sic) dispersed themselves over the City of Dublin and going to the rooms of various officers dragged them out of bed and shot 14 of them in cold blood, several before the eyes of their wives. One’s heart stands still in the face of such horror. In the afternoon at a hurling match there was a regular pitch battle, really one might be back in the dark ages, its all too awful and what is to be the end of it all God Knows. Life over there is simply impossible, they are veritable prisoners and hundreds are leaving the country.