April 1st, Friday
Another perfect day! Poggy and I “pricked out” all afternoon but having to attend a vile meeting at 8 about the Aug flower show we had to dine at 6.45. We got back at 10 and then seizing the electric torch we went slugging and caught 305.

April 2nd
Up the hill to see my sick folk. Mrs Young better, Mrs Baylis worse poor young thing. The Coal Strike being on her young husband is out of work and all is very sad. The times are very troublous and one can see no way out.

April 3rd, Sunday
So perfect has been the day that we sat outside in the garden all afternoon, the girls rolled up in chairs armed with books and bags of sweets and I writing some of my arrears of letters. After tea we walked around the fields picking tiny flower bunches to send to Aimee.

April 5th
A busy day, cooking in the morning and after lunch I had to attend a Mothers Union Meeting whilst Nootie went into Newnham to meet Pink. It is strange to think that he is home from College for good, that his school life is over. This evening we dined at the Abbey and the kind Sir F sent us his car to fetch and carry so all was very easy.

April 6th, Wednesday
The usual chores in the morning and after lunch we took rugs on to the lawn and for a brief while I slept, then hastily doing flowers flew upstairs to change while Mrs Scobell was announced. As she left the fish man appeared and whilst in his clutches the VHs and Sir F arrived to tea and Bridge which went on till 8. The 3 meanwhile went over to Blaisdon to tea and to fetch a kitten, a darling white and brown thing which we will call “Mack”.
Such frantic things are happening to this sad country of ours I can’t write about it all but one dreads the papers daily.

April 7th
Win’s birthday and she is 22 today. I had a letter from her man and wish she would send us his photo that we might see what he is like. Talking of letters, Walter’s (of March 30th) is interesting. How strange to think of Munich without a military element, everything managed and run by the people. His description of his company in the Square made me shriek. (See his letter in the next panel )
Pink, Babs and I took our tea away on to the hills. I’ve never seen the country looking more perfect, its peace and stillness at odds with the present unrest.

April 9th, Friday
Yesterday whilst in the forest Pink spotted a butterfly he hadn’t had so far so today he and Nootie took their lunch and went and secured one. Meanwhile our day was spent in the usual way, chiefly however thinking of the horrible condition of the country. Meetings take place, Parliament meets, the King Proclaims and the Triple Alliance continues on its mad career.

April 11th, Monday
Today the whole family went into Glos to attend dentist and hairdresser and as the Govt was calling for recruits between the ages of 18 and 40 to sign on for 90 days Pink went and attended so now he is liable to be called up and go anywhere. I only hope it won’t come to anything. Things look a bit better today as there is to be another conference so we await tomorrow’s news with anxiety. It is all so dreadful, this hideous conflict almost amounting to civil war.