April 23rd, Saturday
The papers give notice of further conferences between Miners and Owners and I only hope something comes of it all. Meanwhile the men go on striking but so far life is not much affected by it all. Indeed I do think life has become wonderfully normal again for we can get almost everything again and many things at pre-war prices. Travel is still expensive, postage ditto and next month our telephones will not be a thing to play with but we seem to have forgotten the days when we had precious little to eat and could get only the barest necessities. Those days of rationing, of tea, sugar, butter, bacon etc and of conscience flour rations it was all pretty boggish.

April 24th, Sunday
Babs and I spent our afternoon sitting out the front in the sun, a most perfect day. I feel so sad that it is the girls’ last Sunday at home. It has been an awfully happy holiday.

April 28th, Thursday
Very busy packing my two things’ boxes, a horribly depressing occupation and I am thankful I no longer have to do it for Pink. At 2 the Garage rang to say they had broken down and couldn’t come for the train so we hat to get them to come later and take them into Glos and catch the train there. Lucky being able to – owing to the strike half the trains are not running.

April 30th
The last day of a perfect month. I always do regret its passing, and we’ve had such perfect weather. Today was as hot as midsummer and we got into whites. We sit now with wide open windows and no fire! The garden is a sight now. We went out after dinner and stayed out until 9. The long light evenings owing to the Daylight Saving are so ripping but I hear that owing to shortage of coal there is talk of shifting our time yet another hour! Blake will commit suicide! !