December 1st, Thursday
Done by Walter v P aged 78!

This is the first day of the last month of this year. Already over 2 have passed since we came to this dear little home and I trust that the day is far distant to our departure. Today a Red Cross lecture took me to Newnham but as the pony had cast a shoe I had to cycle. I stayed to tea with Lady Paget and came home in pitch darkness and pouring rain, a horrible night and one couldn’t see a yard ahead and I just pounded on regardless of the pools and mire! Lady P was as delightful as ever, a most wonderful woman and so interesting.

Dec 2nd
A real wet day and I was glad as I had so many odd jobs that had been waiting for a wet day, so I machined away for hours and then seized upon my Queen Anne chest and cleared that all out, throwing away heaps of rubbish. Noots came home tonight

Dec 5th, Monday
This is what I have been doing all today and weary of earth I was on my return but I really think I’ve got through it all now. I went in by the 10.0 with H, he returning by the 2.0 but I stayed on and had tea with Nootsie and came home ladened very glad to find H waiting for me at the corner.

Dec 6th
In the D.T. today there appeared this extraordinarily interesting article. I only hope they’ll follow it up. I cannot conceive of anything more thrilling than searching for and perhaps finding this most wonderful thing. If they find the coffin and the golden cross what a place of pilgrimage it will become and what pots of money the RCs will rake in. I wonder if they find it whether they will open the great brass coffin. (See in next panel)
Into N for bandaging today, there seem so many to learn and I am certain that I for one will never pass the exam.

Dec 8th, Thursday
Red Cross again, this time a most complicated lecture and my head buzzes. It is all very well to note these trivialities when news of World import has come to hand, viz: the Irish Question is at last settled, the treaty has been signed and the country is now to be called the Irish Free State. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and hopes that the eternal discord is now settled for good but indeed she is a “distressful country” and I should think ever will be.  (See newspaper picture in next panel).

Dec 9th
A long letter from Win who is now settled at Agra and writes about the Taj and of housekeeping and gardening! We all go through that when marriage overtakes us. I’ve been cook for well over a year now and as far as I can see will be so for ever! Who’d have thought it 20 years ago.

Dec 11th, Sunday
I shirked church and busied myself sorting and arranging all the Xmas parcels. It is a job but I’ve made up numberless parcels and now all is ready. After lunch the Gwynne Evans came to make enquiries about Salzburg and Innsbruck where they think to migrate after Xmas by way of economy, the Krone being 33,000 to the Pound make living a good deal easier and I only wish we could go. To tea came the VHs and the Bathursts and the talk lay round the difficulty of living these days.