December 14th, Wednesday
The Bridge Club assembled today at the Haie, 12 of us. H and I drove there, a vile day, but I much enjoyed myself. The Haie is a huge house and contains nice things, also much dreckerel (sic). The big hall which is all panelled has linen fold doors greatly enhanced by black china door plates and handles a la lavatories!! The drawing room, a fine room papered like a bedroom is Early Victorian mixed with nice old stuff, what curious taste some people have.

Dec 15th
Our last Red Cross lecture, one of examination rather than instruction. Each question that Dr A asked us we all sat like stuffed owls and gaped!

Dec 17th, Saturday
Our blessed Exam is over thanks be, and after all our primings we had the most potty questions asked us and if we don’t all pass we must be lunatics! My dear Pink came home tonight and Noots is back for her last weekend. Hurrah for the holidays soon.

Dec 20th, Tuesday
Another day at home and we spent the afternoon leafing and despite a high wind we garnered in 9 barrowloads and 3 sacks, a great haul.

Dec 21st, Wednesday
The shortest day is over for another whole year thanks be! We seem to have arrived at it very quickly this year. Pink and I started forth by the 9.0 bus to meet Noots and Babs in Glos. We returned ladened to the neck with goods. Glos was crammed with people, the Xmas crowd sadly augmented by an enormous queue of unemployed outside the Bureau. I hated to see them.

Dec 22nd
As Xmas draws near we all get more and more busy. We are rushing every day sending greetings, receiving them, cooking etc etc. Hosts of letters and parcels come pouring n by every post. What it is to have so many friends. A lovely Xmas cake from Blanche (Gray) decorated with a snowball, sprigs of frosted fir and golden bells.

Dec 23rd, Friday
One day nearer the magic day and Xmas falling on a Sunday we are to have the tree tomorrow night, then come stockings and Xmas dinner on Sunday night. A very busy day with much cooking and cake making and house decorating. I do love it all. Our mantlepiece is covered with cards and it all looks very Xmasy. We brought in some cinerarias and cyclamen and I have yellow jasmine and a large vase of the sweet Stylosa Iris.

Dec 24th, Christmas Eve
We lunched in the hall and the tree was brought in during the morning to the dining room so immediately after food we set to and decorated it and for the first time all helped showing that the family is now all grown up! At 4.0 the McNamaras arrived and we teaed in the hall, a huge cake sent by Blanche and another made at home, a chocolate iced one and jam sandwiches and sundry little cakes! At 5 we lit up, the old bell was rung and all trooped in including the Blakes and James and co. The presents were distributed and each child pondered well over its store and then by degrees the tree was denuded. I have had some lovely things this year and so have we all.

December 25th, Christmas Day, Sunday
As is usual the three came in to our room carrying its stocking and all the contents were clawed out. H who had dug himself deeply into his bed could not escape all the items out of N’s stocking being poked under his nose by her with admonitions to admire! To Kirk at 11.0 we all went and after lunch Babs and I to Carol Service. Then tonight we had our Xmas dinner, a very gay and noisy one with turkey, ham, plum pudding and mince pies all completed with a bottle of fizz! and much elaborate dessert. All sounds very greedy but Xmas would not be natural without it!