February 1st, Tuesday
I am rather fond of this month though true to its name it is rather a fill dyke, but one does often get a feeling of Spring in the air. Went to see Mrs Baylis, the sick wife of the man who came here on Sunday. She lives up on Popes Hill and I had to climb up the most awful mud slopes to reach her. There I found the poor girl lying in her shelter where she is day and night. Such a pretty girl and so cheerful and happy and thinks all the time she is going to get better.

Feb 2nd
I’ve had all the windows of the house cleaned today. Mother writes today that Florie has given her notice. The little owl attracted no doubt by sumptuous wages is going to German Jews in Hampstead who haven’t even written for her character, a nice house for a young girl to go to. We went to the VHs today and were picked up by Lady Bledisloe which was very convenient. For the first time since Xmas I won and came away with 9/-. That must be owing to my mascot, the little alluminum ring which RDW gave me and which I’ve just had mended.
(R.D Whitehead was a man Wynne befriended during the war)

Feb 4th, Friday
I feel quit sad to think we have sold our young calf. A girl came over from Lydney and bought it. We shall miss the little creature but we got £12 for her so it wasn’t bad.

Feb 5th
Very good news this morning. Mother writes that her pension at long last has come! I am so glad and relieved and so is she, poor dear. Also another worry is removed by Florence who has decided to stay on! Our Indian dividend also came and as it just covers two bills I am responsible for that so we are all “fat and happy” today. Monday being Babs’ birthday we sent her off a big box of things tonight, dear mouse.

Feb 6th
We had a stranger for Service today. I don’t know who he is, a very sickly and delicate looking man who preached on the advantages of fasting in Lent and general abstinence. He looked as though he had been practising it all his life.

Feb 7th
A letter from Walter today. He writes a wonderful letter but oh! what awful times they are having over there and things seem to get worse instead of better. (You can read the letter in the next panel)

Feb 10th, Thursday
Another perfect day but the Mothers Meeting called me. As I was leaving one old woman said “Thank you Ma’am for coming up”. “Oh, I replied, I like to come”. “And we like to ‘ave yer,” she answered so I felt rewarded.

Feb 11th
Very busy butter making this morning. We’ve made over 23 lbs this week and get 3/9 a lb for it. Our livestock is decreasing. Our dear little calf has gone and tomorrow dear Miff and Muff depart. Warner has bought them and has given us £22 for them. Alas it only just pays for their feed but pig markets are so low now its lucky not to have lost over them.