Letter from G.E.Llewhellin to his mother, January 20th, 1921

Saraya P.O., Muzaffarpur, T.S.Ry.

My dearest Mum
So glad to have your letter from Broughtons and to hear you had such a cheery time. The Jacksons really are marvels buckling to as they have done. I am so sorry about H’s lumbago, poor old boy.
Well I am having a rotten time at present. Last week all the small bazaar throughout M’pur and Darbhanga district were looted. Amongst them my small bazaar where a woman was killed in the scrum. The way it is done is this. Several people go up to a bunniah (storekeeper) and say what is the price of cloth today. He says “eight annas”. They say “Gandhiji says it is not to be more than three and a half” If the bunniah refuses to sell they begin to kick up a row and in a few minutes everything is looted. Then they have the cheek to say the whole of the looting has been organised by the Government and that the Factories are carrying it out. They have put in a case against my Factory servants. It’s all a d-d- nuisance but what worried me more is that there now seems to be a general combine against the European. The police cannot get an atom of evidence out of anyone except false evidence against factory servants. There are numberless meetings everywhere at which sedition is openly preached. Well if there is going to be row I only hope we get a little warning and I shall be quite happy.
Meantime we are having a glorious rain today which will do us no end of good. Fancy we had not had a drop since Sept. Nothing was growing but it will now.
Now I have got to go into M’pur this evening. A deputation of Europeans are going to see the Governor and protest against the Govt attitude. Next week I have to go to Calcutta to old Connaught and so it goes.
Best love from you loving son, G.E.Llewhellin.