Jan 15th
Another lovely day and a sharp frost. I had today applications from a cook and a house parlourmaid, a strange reversion of affairs, and I have written grandly declining both!! Pink went down and shot two pigeons. He had a jolly days shooting yesterday and got 2 pheasants and some rabbits. Mr Holmes has asked him next week. Thank goodness he can shoot.

Jan 16th, Sunday
For the first time we were all at Kirk together. Having Martha enabled me to go and H is quite well again, but it was a vile day and such feet of mud. I am reading Breasted’s book on Egypt having just finished Weigall’s. It is all so interesting. One is struck with the fact that even seen through the mists of thousands of years, how very much on the same lines humanity has viewed life in general.

January 18th, Tuesday
We are bereft tonight. I’ve been into Glos to see the girls off and oh, how I miss them. When I returned tonight I found the mail in, bringing news that my Win in engaged to a Capt Rowley. She and her mother seem happy about it.

Jan 19th
Pink away all day shooting at the Abbey. It is so ripping of Sir Francis to give him this chance, a real joy, especially to his mother (presumably free food!)

Jan 20th
I’ve actually taken a Mothers Meeting today, the first for years. Mrs McNamara came up to say she had been called home on account of illness so I took her meeting for her. 14 present and I am glad to get to know the people round.

Jan 21st
Today my son left for college, and for the last time too. I cant realize that the 9 years of schooling are nearly over. It is very quiet at home without the three but this is actually the last time that we shall be without one at home. It’s lovely to think of.

Jan 22nd
I rang up Mother tonight and had a talk. She is now madly immersed in raffia hats, making dozens and selling them too. She is a wonderful woman and so full of resources.

Jan 26th
The sweep cam and did the kitchen and when he departed Mrs J seized upon the room and simply scrubbed and scraped. Martha meanwhile did the same to the dining room. I laid hold of all the brass and copper and cleaned that and then took my Valor Perfection into the yard and spent an hour on that. At 1 Martha cam to me and said “Please Ma’am, what’s for lunch?” Woman, I replied, what’s for lunch? Why the stove is in the yard!! so we had cold meat and jam and bread. Poggy meanwhile was safely in Glos!

Jan 27
As Mrs McN is still away I went and took the MM again. As I came home up the lane a mavis was singing in the high elms as though it were April and the pussy palm is all coming out. Alas it is all wrong. I heard from Hamster today, poor old thing. The heart and asthma are troubling and what a wretched existence his is now amidst such vile surroundings as seem to hold sway in Munich, strikes and social disorder and prices soaring. We in England little know what they have to put up with. (Hamster was the family nickname for Wynne’s uncle Walter von Poellnitz – you can read letters from him in the following months).