Jan 29th, Friday
I’ve been away all afternoon at the Bledisloes. Rode to Newnham, took train to Lydney where they sent to meet me with a car. These people live in a lovely mansion, own miles of land, tin plate works, motors, horses, farms, masses of servants – footmen literally swarm like flies etc…and the flowers in her drawing room simply amazed me: hyacinths, violets, lilies of the valley, carnations and orchids, a perfect bower. I nearly broke the 10th Commandment. How odd if must be to positively roll in this world’s goods but they don’t get as much joy out of it as we do over a little windfall of retired pay we are about to receive! Lord B is a brother of Mrs Vaughan Hughes and was Food Controller (during the war).

Jan 29th, Saturday
I’ve had such an expedition today. I went over to Bowden Hall miles beyond Glos to return the Birchalls call. Cycled to Grange Court and then took train to G, and rode on from there. My way lay along Barton St and for ages the vile pavé shook my back teeth lose. It got darker and darker till a torrent of rain descended upon me and I arrived at length boiling hot and wet only to find them out. Retracing my steps I arrive in G and the town was in perfect pandemonium owing to a big footer match against Newport. I did some shopping and caught the 6.20 and on arrival as my lamp wouldn’t work I fell off into the mud and walked most of the rest of the way home. Fed up!

Jan 30th, Sunday
Coming back from Kirk this morning I found a young man waiting who had come to see if i could let him have some cream for his sick wife. It is the Baylis case. They married last July year and in the following March she got ill and developed consumption. For months she was in a nursing home but they could do nothing for her and she has come home to die. A sad case and I must go and see her. Mr McN came to tea. He is in trouble, his father in law has suddenly been taken ill and he too is dying. Mrs McN just comes home for the weekend and goes back to them tomorrow. Poor people. Dear me, how much sorrow there is amongst us humans.

Jan 31st
Glos shops one and all are having Sales. It looks to me as though they were having panics and trying to cut their losses for they are offering all their goods at absurd prices and huge discounts. One was selling all their stockings for 1/- a pair!