July 1st, Friday
Taking Cheltenham en route as I had to go and see that horrible little toe man who looks a cross between a corn and a bunion himself I went up to Malvern today and at the station my dear Nootie met me. She looked so nice in her white skirt and blouse and hat with school blazer. Having left my bag at the hotel we called for Miss Mouse (Babs) who was waiting at the gate. There was a dance given to Old Girls at the College to which I had been asked so Noots left early to dress and Babs stayed with me to supper after which I deposited her and went on. It was a gay show and I enjoyed seeing all these young things “strolling” round in their dull dances!

July 2nd, Saturday
This being a whole holiday I had my two all day. They met me in the town and after shopping we went and partook of ices at Georges, then home to lunch and then we all went to West Malvern by bus and walked on out to the British Camp but it was so hot we hadn’t the energy to go up.

July 3rd
This being Sunday I had hoped to get my two for church but Miss KD has some rotten rule that Junior House cannot go to any service but their own. The regal authority which school ma’ams assume is nothing short of comic. I got them both to lunch after which we went to Worcester where we had tea and went to part of evensong. They have a divine choir and we heard the anthem. My dears came home to supper and then I took Babs back an hour later than usual and was met by two dragons with fierce faces, however it was a matter of no moment to us!

July 4th, Monday
I left for home today and did not see the girls again, alas.

July 5th
Poggy and I lunched with Lady Paget today. We fed outside under the shade of an awning. The table looked lovely, spread with a pale blue linen cloth over which was a fine white embroidered one and such lovely silver. We had a most delicious lunch, vegetarian of course and much cool drink and then under the mulberry tree we had coffee and listened to much interesting conversation. She is just off to Town to her grandson Lord Windsor’s wedding.

July 6th
In Gloucester there took place the Festival of the Mothers Union and I went in with our crowd of 32. We repaired first to the Cathedral for service and it is said that there were over 2800 people there. That over tea was provided in a huge tent but it was an awful scramble and many got hardly any at all. The heat was frightful and many women fainted during service and were carried out by Red Cross people. We got home about 7.30 and I for one was thankful when the day was over.

July 7th
Peace and a day at home. The long drought continues and slowly by degrees everything is dying. The lawns are brown, the fruit bushes wither, even the apple trees do the same. The only time I am cool is in bed at night in the garden.