July 22nd, Friday
Martha is away so Letty is helping me. After lunch I went up Popes Hill to see my sick girl and to a committee meeting at Westbury. Felt dead beat by bed time.

July 23rd
Eve sent me these snaps of Win. She is to be married in March. How I wish we could all be together for it but we’ve none of us ever been at each others weddings alas. It is blowing a hurricane and the garden looks more of a wreck than ever.

July 25th, Monday
Busy preparing for the advent of Mother and Pink who arrived at G at 1.55. I went in to meet them having shopping to do and we motored home from there. On our return we found put up in the garden my lovely shelter which Poggy gave me for my birthday. it is a joy and now we can sit out wind or no wind!

July 26th
A day at home full of homely chores. Pink has gone off again to Symonds Yat there to meet Mr Wells his erstwhile Wellington master for the purpose of bug hunting. He will be gone a week. Tomorrow the girls return bringing with them Hilda Bethell for a week when she and Noots go off to camp. Last night we had a shower which freshened things up but it is sad to look out upon brown lawns and flowerless beds.

July 27th, Wed
At the early hour of 9.45 our two dear monkeys returned bringing with them Hilda, a friend of Noots. When next week my son returns we shall be complete and this old female will be more than busy.

July 28th
The weather has become most curious. We now get days of grey skies and hot winds but no rain. it is fearfully stuffy without being cheerful and the clouds simply hang on our head and make one feel disinclined for anything.

July 31st, Sunday
The last day of July. On Friday Mother took a car and drove us all into Gloucester shopping. We all came back bringing with us half the town, such a squash but very much nicer than the old bus.
To Kirk this morning and to sleep this afternoon. We lead such a hardworking weekly life that we make a point of deliberately doing nothing on Sundays, a real day of rest.