March 21st, Monday
Harry Castleman and his “Chatelaine” have been giving a concert again and Mother sent me these two press cuttings.  Ye gods!  I should die of chagrin, they are too frightful for words these criticisms they always get and yet they go on giving these silly concerts which no one but their friends attend. How can they do it.
Went off to Blaisdon Woods to gather daffs. They are not as good as last year but we managed to get quite a lot to send off for Easter. (The Castleman’s were old friends of Wynne’s family. They lived at Chettle house, and Harry makes various appearances in the early diaries).

March 22nd
At 9.45 my two dears arrived from school. Its perfectly lovely having them back again.
Mother told us of a disgusting thing. When the hamper arrived which we sent it contained an empty egg box and no butter. The thieving by post and rail nowadays is vile, nothing is safe and its absolutely wholesale. One is at a loss what to do.
Eve (in India) was well but their horrible West Winds have begun and turned her beautiful garden into a desert. She writes that she never sees Ell who is very worried and full of business flying about the country. I am afraid his lot is not a bed of roses.

March 23rd
As these little pictures show, we have been to Glos to let Mimi (guest) see the Cathedral. Each time I look at the Cathedral I am lost in wonderment at the new newness of its appearance. One simply cannot realize its great age (begun in 1089).

March 24th, Thursday
Babbit and I went off to the woods to get flowers for the Easter decorations. It was a perfect day and very warm and still but alas the flowers are so scarce we had to hunt for them in the places where last year they were a sheet of yellow. On the way back we met a tiny little crippled woman who looked just like the Witch of Gorgonzola going to find flowers. I told here there were hardly any and she replied no more there were last year!

March 25th, Good Friday
What a Good Friday it has been, I never knew a lovelier. To Kirk in the morning and all the afternoon we worked at the rockery.

March 27th, Easter Sunday
Well its been a lovely Easter. There was today more wind than was nice but it was a ripping day really and I managed to get to three services! How wonderful that in spite of all the unrest and turmoil in the world we can live here in peace and freedom. We are in truth on the verge of another coal crisis. The miners will not accept the owners terms and a general lock out is threatened. One wonders how long such a crisis can last but I hear they have vast supplies in store in London. It will cause much distress all round.

March 31st, Thursday
Often time on reading over the old diaries I have noticed with annoyance how each day begins with a comment on the weather, as if it mattered years hence! but really the present sample is such that I cant help remarking on it, absolutely perfect is all I can say. Sunshine all day, hot and still and too wonderful.