May 1st, Sunday
May Day! It began grey and cold. We all went to early service so that meant getting up at a very early hour because of the chicken feeding!

May 2nd, Monday
Tonight actually sees me in Town, Mother having sent me a cheque for £10! Heavenly joy and rapture. I have left Letty in charge and hope all will be well. I had a very slow journey owing to the strike. The train stopped at most stations, was very long and full, and Town seems to be overflowing too.

May 3rd
Went down to Sloane Street to see Gertie Maclean in her new business department but found she had been called away so we glued our noses to the windows of that ravishing street instead and thoroughly enjoyed it! After lunch I took Mother out in her chair and we went for a long traipse all round Earls Court and down High Street shopping and loitering. I just loved it.

May 4th, Wednesday
Today I hied me to the Stores where I collected together much groceries etc for the country mice. I find of course everything is much cheaper than at home and I also took the opportunity of sending Hamster another parcel. After lunch Lady Fulton came in and we had a long talk and much hat trying on. This hat industry is really a great source of interest to us all and Mother is at it from morn till even unless torn away.

May 5th
I did tear her away this morning and we went down to the City to the Hat place, also gloves and I chose my cretonne for next winter. Mother has found a firm through whom she can get all sorts of things at trade price which is quite useful these days and I got my cretonne double width at 4/11d a yard.
This afternoon Mother had a Bridge party of 12, two tables in the drawing room and one in the hall.  I get daily news of home, all going well with the “two old bachelors”. I shall return Friday next week so I have a little more dashing around yet.

May 6th, Friday
Away out all day and first of all I went and did a thing I haven’t done for just on 19 years, and that is get photographed!! I went to a man called Lambert-Wester, 39 Brompton Square who charged me £3.13.0, took infinite trouble to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear and so I await tremblingly the result. I next went to a hairdresser to be shown how to do my hair without using a vile mousse. The result is perfectly fiendish. I look like Cleopatra in a fit and none of my hats will go on. This finished I went and searched out the United Berkeley Club where I lunched, then fled away to that fascinating haunt the British Museum. Anyone reading this diary in the future will think what a mouldy old female, what snuffy occupations she pursued, but ever since I remember old bones had a curious fascination for me and just now I am immersed in Egyptology so I roamed among the poor remains of this wonderful civilisation and ruminated on the possibility of ours also passing away into the dust of oblivion.

May 7th, Saturday
Again Mother and I went driving, this time to the West, first to Liberty where I purchased some lovely crewel wools with which I intend making chair seats in that old Perugian stitch. We also drove to Miss Elmore. Mother is giving me a lovely fawn gabardine and having it made up for me too, a coat frock and a coat, but Miss E is so slow that I shall not get it till winter!!

May 8th
To my usual haunt, St Martin’s. The church was full and I just managed to get a seat for B while I sat on the steps of the Gallery! Mr Sheppherd (sic – Dick Sheppard) preached awfully well.