Letter from Walter von Poellnitz to Wynne, May 27th, 1921

35 Isabellastr. Munich.

My dearest Wynne
Hip, hip, hurrah – three cheers, general illumination and fireworks! Just received your letter which put my mind at rest and restored the equanimity of my soul. I was horribly anxious at not hearing from you. had all sorts of stupid apprehensions viz. that I had put you out by making some very innocent mention of the state of affairs with us here in Germany and the difficulties under which we are labouring and which will cripple the nation as well as the individual for a long long time to come. But the fulness of the heart maketh the tongue to overflow. Stupid of me to harbour the idea. I know full well that I may talk to you if I do it in a sensible way about affairs in which we necessarily take a different standpoint, and that for my personal discomforts accrueing therefrom you will always sympathize with me and not take umbrage.
The consignment was indeed most welcome. I have already tried the soups, very good, and the potted meat delicious. I feel quite ashamed of having mentioned tea and marmalade in my last. I did not mean to beg, but it looks mighty like it. You ask about the value of £1.12 in Marks. I am conscious of having given you a false impression. The fact is that our money has undergone a terrible depreciation owing to the fact that our gold standard has vanished. The Mark value is not quite a penny. This is the reason of everything being so preposterously dear.
The commandeering of my room has quite upset me. I dod not in the least know how to manage. I must rent a bed, buy bed linen and bedroom necessaries at a terrible price and done know where to put my pretty antique furniture. And for all this I get M100 a month. I am quite sick about it all.
(Family gossip about relations etc omitted)
All the upper classes economise and the rabble live in luxury. Men who before the war were more or less beggars are now wallowing in money which they spend right and left. What was upper class has gone down to poverty and the scum has come to the surface.
Have I answered all your questions? I hope so. My story’s quite done and I only have to add my heartfelt thanks for kindness past and future and my very best love to Herbert, Pinkie and yourself from your loving, affectionate, thankful and worried old Hamster.
Who no more is the philosopher that was!