May 23rd, Monday
This day has been a source of satisfaction to me for we had our first MU meeting and were just on 50 present, a most gratifying result of our endeavours. First we had service in Church, then to the Vicarage where tea followed Mrs James’ speech and I enrolled many new members. I am glad to have got this going, it is a good thing bringing people together and widening their outlook on life.

May 24th
A vile long day in Glos and Cheltenham with the dentist and the toe man.

May 25th
I can’t remember such a hot day in May and as I had to go over Pope’s Hill to see my sick girl I knew all about it. After tea huge thick clouds came and it was stifling, a most curious sensation and one felt quite exhausted by night.

May 26th, Thursday
This comes off one of Babs’ letters, viz a box she had at Xmas. Everything is Japanese now. The markets are flooded with goods from Japan, even to embroidered underclothing. When German rubbish ceased they jumped in and the exchange is excellent.

May 27th
Next week Martha goes on her holiday so the family clears out too. H is going up to (his) Mother and we (Pink and I) plan to go to Monmouthshire, the valleys of the Wye and Usk. I have always longed to do such a tour but its never come off so far as there has been no one to do it with.

May 29th, Sunday
Oak Apple Day. Not a day of peace for dear Lady Paget and two Miss Woods came to see the garden and stayed till 4. Lady P talked politics by which she is possessed.

May 30th
I spent the whole afternoon going round my women with their MU journals.

May 31st
I have had one of my vile trips to Cheltenham today. It does bore me so and I can’t see that the toe man is doing anything. Well, here is the end of May and the garden looks so lovely I am loath to leave it but all the same I am longing for our tour which begins tomorrow.