November 1st, Tuesday
I have not heard from Walter for a long time, all October, and I am wondering what’s up. This title letter is his doing which brought him to my mind. I hope it is only laziness. I wrote him for his birthday and sent him a book from which time I have heard nothing.
Poggy went to G today to see about his wretched tooth. He is having such worry with neuralgia. I went up over the hill to see Mrs Arthur Young who has been seedy and on my return fed chickens, had tea, washed the Separator and then went down to meet H.

November 2nd
A day in Glos. We went to see a play given at the Hippo. by the Cotswold Players, “The Passing of the Third Floor Back” and I sent Letty and Martha in too. It was awfully well done and not at all amateurish. A full house too and in aid of the Women’s Rescue Work. Our two enjoyed themselves no end, Letty never having been to a play since she married! It is awful to realize how easily one can give intense pleasure and how very often one misses the chance.

Nov 4th.
Torrents of rain all morning but a lovely afternoon. I sallied forth to visit some of the people. The country gets more and more brilliant in colouring, the view tonight over Popes Hill on one side and the Severn on the other was lovely. We are very bucked at getting quite a lot of eggs everyday now. We sell all we don’t want and get 3/6 a dozen. The money I am going to hoard to try and meet their dreadful food bill. The cows go steadily on. Lena is rapidly becoming dry as she calves about the 3rd week of Jan but we made 83 lbs (of butter) in Sept and 80 in October so we are well content.

Nov 6th, Sunday
This Sunday is the beginning of Armistice week and all through the country special services are being held. We had ours in the evening to which I went, it was very upsetting as the remembrance of all our dear nice men rise up and chokes one. Even now one can hardly realize that so many of our jolly crowd at Bulford and Aldershot have gone west.

Nov 7th
Mother suddenly wrote and said she wished to send us a cheque for us to buy a motor car!! This astounding piece of information knocked us flat. Well, we discussed the pros and cons and sadly decided that the cons would have to have it as we didn’t feel justified in going to the expense of the upkeep. Well then she wrote and said would we get a pony and trap and a luggage cart and we joyfully decided to accept. I can’t get over this splendid good fortune nor her wonderful generosity.

Nov 8th
Awaking this morning we found to our surprise deep snow on the ground. It seems so strange to see snow and green trees for many have scarcely lost a leaf. A piercing North wind blew in the afternoon and to keep ourselves warm we cut a lot of wood with the cross cut saw from lunch to tea. Mother wrote that she is leaving for Salzburg on the 16th so we are going up on Friday and shall stay till the 19th when we go to Amesbury to the Rawlins for the weekend.

Nov 9th
We braved the elements and went into Gloucester, partly on Poggy’s teeth account and partly to go to the Fruit Show. He has been having trouble so had gas and had two out. We went to the Show at 2.30 and saw some lovely fruit, veg, butter, cheeses and poultry. Sir F took many prizes but I wish we had entered for butter as I am sure we would have stood a chance!