November 19th, Saturday
We left the Skippys at 1, Jim driving us over to Farnborough and at about 5 we reached Amesbury and drove to the Rawlins. He was H’s Brigade Major in the 7th Division. This evening they had a dinner party of 10 for us amongst whom were the Oldfields, he is now C. RA Gunners and they live at Bulford Manor! He looks motheaten and mouldy but she still carries the same placid pussy face. Will Newcome who commands at Larkhill also came. He hasn’t altered one bit. It was lovely to see them all again and to feel oneself amongst one’s own people again. Civilians area are all very well as far as they go and very kind and nice but somehow they don’t speak the same language.

Nov 20th
To Amesbury church in the morning and the Lindsells, he and his wife, bicycled 28 miles there and 28 back to see us, or rather I should say H as Lindsell was his ADC in the 7th. It isn’t often anyone pays another such a compliment! To tea Col Rawlins took us over to Tidworth to tea with Hugo Montgomery, also 7th Division people and we drove all through dear old Bulford. The Camp itself is little altered but there is an enormous deserted camp on the other side of the Sling where the Australians were and on the hillside they have cut in the turf a huge Kiwi. I hear the Kiwi boot polish people have undertaken to keep it in repair. Our dear little hut filled me with chokes, what jolly time we’ve had there.

Nov 21st, Monday
We left Amesbury for home and took all day over the journey, a tedious cross-country affair. The drive to Salisbury was simply bitter over those bleak downs. Everywhere in that district are huge derelict tin towns, aeroplane hangars and hutments of all sorts. These huge hangars costing £13,000 to erect can now be bought for a song and heaps of aeroplanes minus engines likewise, people buying them for firewood or for their children to play with!! Such is the result of war. What awful though unavoidable waste.  (See previous panel).

Nov 22nd
A day of getting into harness once more. Capt. VH brought the pony and trap up and Warren fetched the governess cart later so now we are independent of bicycles and legs!

Nov 24th
I drove Pickles into Newnham this afternoon to a Red Cross lecture. It is a relief not to have to bicycle everywhere. We had an interesting letter from Mother today telling us of her meeting with Walter at Munich. They spent the day with him and took lunch with them. She says he looks better than she expected. She wrote glowing accounts of Salzburg. She also says she feels a millionaire at which I don’t wonder since the Krone is about 20,000to the £.


Nov 25th
Whilst I was up in Town Thurie allowed me to go through his portfolio and take anything I liked. (See the next panel for illustrations and descriptions). I like this card painted by Mother when she was about 19 and sent to Tante Lotte, grandfather’s sister and grandmother to the present Theodore of Frankenberg.

Nov 28th, Monday
A real Nov day, and fog hung around all day. Cleaned out the glory hole in H’s workshop and both the little greenhouses.

Nov 29th
I had a Red Cross bandaging lecture today and drove the pony in and put him up at the George. In my absence Harvey the horse dealer came to talk about our wants. He knows of no pony but tells us of a rally cart a lady wants to sell and is going to bring it up.

Nov 30th, Wed
The last day of November. Its been extra vile this year. Mrs McN came to tea today. She poor little wretch is nearly worn to a ravelling with housework, no servant for weeks.