October 1st, Saturday
Behold this lovely thing done for me by Walter, and as his birthday is on the 12th he has put a part of his coat of arms in the centre. He has done Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec for me and I am awfully bucked at having them.
I was washing potatoes this morning when who should walk up but Nootsie! She spent the day with us. After lunch we played tennis. It was ripping having her.

October 3rd, Monday
Summer time changed last night so our evenings are much darker now. It was nice this morning having an extra hour in bed. We had a good afternoon in the garden planting bulbs and Spring things.

Oct 4th
How strangely quiet it seems tonight. I am alone, my men folk having gone to Newport to inspect Pink’s future College. It seems a vile journey, they left here at 9.30 and do not arrive until about 4.0. Today taking the advantage of being alone I cooked not at all and spent my morning gardening and the whole afternoon and evening going the round of my MU members.

Oct 5th
Today Blake and I spent the morning planting out the front borders for Spring. After lunch I finished my MU members and my road took me over Popes Hill, up hill, down valleys, along the edge of the wood and up steep banks. The oddest of rambles and all the houses so old, so picturesque and Tiggy Winkleish! I said to one old thing “how lovely and quiet you are up here”. “Yes” she replied “a bit too quiet sometimes and if we didn’t hear the birds sing or the dog bark we shouldn’t know there was anyone else in the world”!

Oct 6th
My two dears got back late last night very tired and today we all went down to the Vaughan Hughes to view his new little farm he’s just bought and all his livestock. A big outlay and he’ll have to wait a good while before he sees any return I should think.

Oct 7th
Pink and I went to tea at the Shelleys and as I was unable to do so I sent Martha up the hill with some soup to my sick girl. On our return she met us with the news that she died early this morning so that is the end of this sad little tragedy.

Oct 8th, Saturday
Late yesterday my dear Nootsie turned up for the weekend having bicycled from Gloucester. I spent a strenuous day as tomorrow is our Harvest festival and I arose early to get the flowers for the font, also some I wanted to take up to the Baylis’s. I went up there with them as they had sent a message for me to go otherwise I would not have done so. I hate to trespass on people’s grief.
To tea up here came Maggie and family, also old Cox (the Springfield coachman, Maggie’s father.  Maggie had been the children’s nurse). He is a wonderful old man and I see no difference in him at all since 9 years ago! It was so nice to have them all round one again.

Oct 9th
A most full and busy day, to church twice, people to lunch, Nootsie’s departure and packing for Pink which took me till 11. Alas the boy goes tomorrow and we shall be entirely bereft.

Oct 10th
This morning at 9.30 I went to Grange Court with Pink and saw him off on his new venture. I spent the afternoon writing and indeed I am not sorry to take life a bit easy for a while. Went down to say goodbye to Maggie and Cox came up to have a last buck with H.