October 21st, Friday
As we dined tonight at the VHs I had no evening dinner to cook so repaired to the work room and re-handled three of my baskets.
We were taken tonight by Sir F and as the programme was that we should play bridge before dinner we had to be dressed by 5.45 to meet him at the foot of the field. I ended the evening by winning 8/6 but Poggy was 13/- to the bad. He is a vile cardholder and such a good player. It was a pleasant evening.

Oct 22nd
Cis Highton of all people came to lunch today. We had not met for 8 or 9 years and I found her just the same. She works at Bristol in the Health Dept and being on holiday rode over from the Cotswold side on her motorcycle, what a convenience and how lovely to be able to get about like that.
Poggy has gone to dine at the Abbey so I and Martha keep the house. It is a wild night and wet and oh! I am glad to be at home. (Cis Highton’s father had been the vicar at Tarrant Keyneston, much mentioned in early diaries).

Oct 23rd, Sunday
Two years ago on Oct 23rd we came to this most charming abode and I have never spent two happier years. Civilian life certainly is not the gay affair that soldiering is but one has instead a great deal of quiet content and a lot of interest which is lacking when you are not settled down. I love this country and the people and I love our little home and all its joys.

October 24th
Letty being here to cook I did the butter and after lunch went off to see some of my women, again penetrating into an unknown corner I found some of the loveliest cottages all dating from the year one I should think and stowed away in hidden corners.

Oct 25th
Again a slight frost but much warmer at night and out in my shelter I had to throw off my eiderdown and one blanket! It is lovely being able to sleep out still. Mother writes that Eve is coming home in February. I can hardly believe it. Cecil has not been home for 15 years and she for 10. What an eternity it seems and the prospect of seeing them again is just too lovely. They propose making a pied a terre at Milford on Sea.

Oct 27th, Thursday
I went today to the first of the Red Cross lectures which are being held in Newnham. My head is now full of vertebras, bone substances and muscle peculiarities. I wrote out my notes on my return and got Poggy to examine me!

Oct 29th, Saturday
It is delightful having Nootsie to help me cook on Sat mornings and we got through a lot today as I do most of the Sunday food on Sat morning. After lunch we planted pansies and swept leaves, an arduous task that will now be on the cards for some weeks. Our bulbs came from Holland, such lovely ones, so big and clean. We have the most perfect chrysanthemums now both indoor and out and my room is one mass of them.

Oct 30th, Sunday
Nootie and I sat in the shelter writing letters all afternoon, the day was more like Sept than nearly November, so warm and still. Nature dressed in the best reds, yellows and russet browns seemed holding her breath and hardly a bird seemed awake except the robin whose sudden clear song sounded from the top of some high branch nearby. After church this morning we walked with Sir F up to the top of the grass drive and looked down on the old house sleeping in the valley. The woods were every colour and the sky was a brilliant blue. Oh how he must love and value this perfect home of his ancestors.

Oct 31st
The last day of October and All Hallows. A rough night and surely too uncongenial for spirits and spooks to be abroad.  A day of bulb planting. Many crocuses, daffs, scillas and hyacinths have been put to bed today.