September 1st, Thursday
I had a most strenuous day as besides churning I made jam and bottled fruit and packed Nootsie up and cooked! Pink was away with Noots seeing her off to town.

Sept 2nd
“Many native birds resume their lays” so says my little book, and today whilst in the shelter I heard a thrush sing again, it made one feel like Spring. We spent all day at Rock Farm at a big sale (near Westbury).

Sept 3rd, Saturday
I went up to see my sick girl but found her asleep so didn’t stay. Babs came and Maggie too and we talked of old times at Hale etc.

Sept 5th, Monday
Oh! such a perfect still Sept day, not a leaf stirring and the blue smoke of many weed fires rising round the country.

Sept 7th, Wed
A few days ago my left palm was tickling and I said to the family “money is coming” and this mail brought me a cheque for £242.12.0 this being the result of some B of B shares lately sold to advantage. I haven’t ever felt so rich in my life!! All the Club here today, 17 to tea, and many games played all afternoon.

Sept 8th
We had people here to tennis again today, about 15 to 20, and being a perfectly blazing day all was easy. Besides tennis I made them play Bull, Clock Golf and Ping Pong, the three latter for prizes which were eggs, butter and fruit!

Sept 10th, Sat
This is the first day of peace this week! I spent the afternoon in the shelter darning the house’s stockings and mending my clothes. Pink was playing cricket and yesterday he went over to Huntley for partridge shooting and got three and a half brace out of the days bag.

Sept 11th
We sent a cable to Win today as tomorrow is her wedding day. I can’t imagine her as a married woman. It seems only a minute since she arrived as a long thing worm-like baby at Motihari! It is a dark evening and at last we have more rain.

Sept 12th
I wonder was Win married today. I have her much in my thoughts. They did fix on this day but their plans may have altered. It will be lovely to see her again as we hope to do this year.
I went to tea with Lady Paget. She is so upset these days over politics and worries herself ill. She has LG on the brain, especially over the Irish problem and is obsessed with the idea that England is going to the dogs.

Sept 13th, Tuesday
Again to Cheltenham for the day and a long shop. I have been busy getting Noots things for the Domestic School: aprons, sleeves, tie, blouses etc.

Sept 14th, Wed
Maggie came up and we sat and sewed all day. It seemed like old times and we talked over all our long years together in those far off days when life seemed very good and peaceful.