October 1st, Sunday
It was spent in the usual way. I took the opportunity to scratch! (write). I get great accounts from the Lees, Win and PInk. Win got home on the 23rd and alas her man has gone to Chanak, the scene of the eastern trouble.

Oct 2nd
A busy day. Aim left us and I had to go into Newnham to attend a Red Cross meeting and in the evening we dined at the Abbey. This was Nootsie’s first dinner party and she looked very sweet. I am proud of my daughter, she knows how to behave and does not make an ass of herself as many girls very naturally do at first.

Oct 4th
To my great joy Pink came back today. He wired but as we had been away all day we didn’t get it. We were over at Brinscomb at the Butts to see his garden and talk garden with him and it simply poured with rain the whole time, most disappointing.

Oct 5th
Eight years ago today I went through with many another the supreme trial of sending my man to the Front, a day of hideous memory.
Nootsie had her first Girl Guide meeting today. I hope it is the beginning of a great interest for her.

Oct 8th, Sunday
The usual Sunday programme but busier than usual as the M.C. (the “Married Couple” who agreed to take on the job of working at Broughtons – their name was Mills) are out and we are doing our own chores. I spent my afternoon reading the paper. The state of affairs in the near East is a trifle easier but the Turk is proverbially slippery and must be laughing in his sleeve at the way he is holding up all the large powers and our troops continue to mass at Chanak, awaiting developments. France is playing a curious game and I think before long she’ll find out her error. That sort of thing doesn’t pay in the long run. (See next panel)

Oct 9th, Monday
We’ve had a most interesting day away from home, just as lucky perhaps as Mills is in bed with lumbago, the oil stove had to be dragged out and taken to pieces and the electric engine has given out!! We set forth by the 11.0 bus and betook ourselves to Gloucester to lunch with the Cliffords, after which they motored us over to Chedworth to see the Roman Villa there. It is a wonderfully interesting place situated at the end of a lovely glen away in the woods. He brought us all the way home in his motor such kind hospitable people but indeed the world seems full of them.

Oct 10th
“Over the hills and far away
Has been my programme all today.
Into every house I’ve been
Ailments heard and babies seen.”
The reason for this activity is that on the morrow Mrs Billett comes to address my quarterly MU. It was ripping up on Popes Hill, the autumn colouring getting fine.

Oct 11th
Today we had our quarterly meeting, not as many as usual as many are ill but they didn’t miss much as our speaker was singularly uninspiring, just a pogbaggish Parson’s wife harping on the same old lines ad nauseam. I had to endure this woman from 1.30 to 6 and felt like chewed string at the end of it.

Oct 12th
H and Noots went off to Glos today so I spent all the day bedding out with Blake, a most perfect day.

Oct 13th, Friday
Another perfect day and more work accomplished. A whole day at home and alone, a great treat to us unsociable ones!!