October 14th, Saturday
The papers contain such horrible happenings about the wretched million refugees out East, really the last seven, indeed eight years have been one long history of the miseries of refugees. It seems that the whole populations of various countries continually have to flee into the next thereby causing untold hardship and horror. At present they are all flying to Greece harried by the vile Turk. There is no money or food or accommodation and its a dreadful nightmare.

October 15th, Sunday
Autumn, the Master Artist, woke one day
When Summer, reigning queenly o’er the earth
Let fall her sceptre from his weary hand
And fell asleep. The trees, once gaily dressed
In summer roles of green now hung their heads
Parched by the heat of summer’s tyranny.
Weary, forlorn, they looked; then Autumn seized
His palette. Tints magnificent were there
Of crimson and of gold, and all the trees
He decked anew until they stood arranged
In wondrous colours delicate yet rich
As lambent flames of fire. With finest art
He drew a wondrous sunset, flooding hill
And valley, sea and plain with radiant light;
And reigned as King till Winter claimed the throne.
So when the summer of our life is passed
There comes a time of beauty rare and sweet,
Though touched maybe with sadness for past days,
So happy and so calm. Let us look up
And on, not back and down. The same good Hand
That guided us through Summer’s sun and shade
Will lead us gently through the Winter storms
To that dear land where it is always Spring.

I came across these lines and liked them. It is my idea of this season and I cannot ever see anything sad in it, to me it is just Nature resting and going to sleep as we do after a hard day. The day has been perfect, still and warm. I sat writing in the shelter all the afternoon.

Oct 16th, Monday
To Glos today for my sins but it was time I invested in some clothes so I bought two hats, a pair of shoes and ordered a new coat and skirt in grey check. Everyone from the grocer’s assistant to Sir Francis is wearing grey check now but what matter so long as you have what you like.

Oct 18th, Wed
Today an ordeal was my lot. I have undertaken to teach Bridge to girls during the winter and we went to Blaisdon. I don’t like driving home in the dark!!

Oct 19th
Sir Francis came to tea, a freezing evening. We are in the throes of a political upheaval and there is to be a General Election shortly. My idea is a coalition with a Conservative leader but who is there to have? We have no “men” these days.