September 1st, Friday
This month came in in a typical way. Still and warm and quiet. I must say it is a month I love with its first touch of autumn and the rubbish fires burning. Walter sent me this initial, it is his colouring but not his design. I wish I could draw like that.

Sept 2nd, Sat
Today Mother and Julie arrived so we are indeed a family party. Mother is in Babs’ room, she in H’s dressing room, Julie in Pink’s and he in our room whilst I am in the shelter and Eve in the little spare room. Mother brought this picture of herself to show her appearance on arrival!!

Sept 3rd
Eve having been stung by a wasp did not come to Kirk with us but stayed behind with Mother. A lovely day, real Sept, and after lunch we sat on the lawn busy with various things. It is many a long year since we did this together, and then it was at Brookfield. It is ripping but alas Eve leaves tomorrow.

Sept 4th
Eve left today. We hope to meet in Town before she sails. A quiet day at home at work on the garden.

Sept 5th, Tuesday
A letter from Win saying she sails on the 14th. Poor girl it is a bitter blow not being able to go to Khartoum but it is the usual lot of the soldier’s wife. We are wondering if Mabel has sailed. We sent a wire but no word has come and as there was a doubt of her sailing on account of health we wonder if she has gone.

Sept 7th, Thursday
All this week the Three Choirs Festival is taking place at Gloucester and today H and Pink went in whilst tomorrow I and the girls go. They returned tonight full of enthusiasm and said it was lovely. Babs went riding and Mother sits in the shelter painting and working etc, always busy.

Sept 8th
By the 9.0 bus I and the girls went into Glos and at 11 proceeded to the Cathedral where a vast throng of people had assembled and where for the whole day with an interval for lunch we listened to the immortal ‘Messiah”. The Three Choirs were seated on a huge built up stand with the orchestra below. The principle singers today were Kirkby Lunn, Dorothy Silk, John Coates and Robert Radford. Silk and Radford were splendid but I didn’t feel much emotion over the other two. After tea we went to Evensong.

Sept 11th, Monday
I am reading an interesting book, “The Pastons and their England” by Bennett. This family lived in the 15th century and some 1000 of their letters are in existence and from them the book is written. It gives a most interesting account of life in the Middle Ages. What rough hard lives and what hard people. Money, lands and possessions were all they seemed to think of, relationship between the parents and children were utterly formal and devoid of outward affection, marriages were entirely arranged and the wife, though (curiously enough) absolutely the complete sharer of the husband’s interests and affairs was really most literally his chattel to do with as he pleased. “The good old times” don’t sound alluring!
I have today a vile headache so have taken it easy. Pink and Noots went off to their dance looking very nice. Oh how blessed it is that present conventions allow of a girl to go to a dance with her brother, then I can go comfortably to bed! To sit and watch others dancing is too awful, I’d rather never enter a ballroom but alas I often long for our lovely soldier dances.

Sept 12th
After many days of fair weather the rain has returned and all day it poured. We are too busy to notice, all the morning the butter played the fool and H didn’t finally finish till about 3. We sat and worked all afternoon and played Bridge after tea.

Sept 13th, Wed
A day in Glos getting provender for tomorrow’s beanfeast. I went too to the Registry office as I am under the painful necessity of getting new servants. My present treasure has given me notice. She can give no reason nor indeed can I find one for I’ve never had a servant whom I like better, however everything comes to an end and I knew it was too good to last.