September 14th, Thursday
Well I’m not sorry for my legs sake that this day is over. At an early hour I roused my two sleepy girls and we started preparing for the Bridge Tournament which we had here today in aid of Nootsie’s prospective Girl Guides. Each player paid 2/6 and 1/- for tea and we had 7 tables. I did not play as there was much to see to. Each player had one of these badges painted by Mother and Eve and all went off most successfully and we raised over £6.
(Ysobel – Noots – set up a small local Guide group, made all the uniforms for it, and organised events like this to raise money of equipment).

Sep 15th
Glos had to be visited again, this time on the business of the Registry office and Dentist. I am thinking of trying a man and wife as servants and saw today a very decent looking couple. Their experience seems very slight but perhaps they are teachable. Anyhow they come out next Monday to inspect.

Sept 16th.
A vile day but I dragged Mother off to tea with Lady Paget where we met a Mrs Crawshay and a Miss St John George (what a name!). It was as always an interesting afternoon but poor Lady P is still in the throes of her lawsuit with that vile gardener and had a solicitor friend there to discuss the situation with. She insisted upon my being present and really I felt most touched when at the end of the interview she turned to me and said, “Thank you my dear” and kissed me. The support must have been moral for of course I hardly uttered! Mother quite enjoyed herself talking spiritualism with the ladies, one of whom was very psychic!

Sept 17th, Sunday
Oh the blessed Sabbath and its attendant rest. I spent my afternoon writing to my Ell. I hear regularly from him now and it is as though something entirely good had been added to my life.

Sept 18th
I wonder will the time ever come again when our daily papers are normal again for really each day brings news of fresh and worse horrors. Ireland of course continues its wild career of murder, pillage, raid and ambush and i don’t think the Free State side is much better than the IRA. The other day the former raided the house of a number of girls knowing them to be in sympathy with the latter, dragged them from their beds and painted their bodies green. Such acts as these are so senseless. Meanwhile most fearful happenings are towards in the near East where Turkey and Greece are fighting over their own particular quarrel. The Turks have got the upper hand and the Greek army has broken up and fled. Smyrna has been taken and now the Turks have set fire to it and absolutely massacred the Christian inhabitants. The accounts are too terrible and the most horrible cruelties are being practised. The Turk is a brute, sullen under defeat and absolutely savage in victory and now Kemal their leader is making the most outrageous demands one of which is the surrender of Constantinople and the immediate withdrawal of the Allied Garrison. As this is impossible I cannot see anything for it but another bust up and already English troops are being ordered there. What attitude France will take up remains to be seen for it is pretty apparent that she’s been backing Turkey all through. (See articles in the next panel)

Sept 19th
A fearful day of rain and gale but I’ve been busy with churning and making plum jam and damson ditto and bottling damsons as well. We’ve got the most enormous crop of damsons, about four times as much as last year, and after selling masses there still remains a whole tree unpicked. I must make some jelly this year, it ought to be delicious.