Sept 20th
As is seen by the bouquet autumn is with us. The tops of the elms are all yellow though no other big trees so far. A perfect day after yesterday’s storms.

September 21st, Thursday
Alas we are alone. Mother, Pink and Babs have all gone and the house seems strangely quiet. Inserted here are the portraits of the Ex Kaiser and his bride to be. How strange to think of his getting married again, and his late wife has not been dead a year. He looks much altered and there he sits in Holland in “prison” ever since the War. What on earth makes anyone wish to marry this most unprepossessing creature? Perhaps she looks upon him as a martyr and is filled with romance.

Sept 22nd
Aim came today to pay us a visit, the first for years, I am awfully glad to have her again.

Sept 23rd, Sat
The last day of our Cotteswold Field Club and I attended. A pleasant day and I enclose the programme. (See below)

Sept 24th, Sunday
Harvest Festival today, a trifle early as the harvest has not nearly been gathered in.

Sept 26th, Tuesday
A most fearsome tea party today. Lady P brought with her the two Miss Woods. They are old maids of the skittish variety, very much dressed up, very much over dressed and be-frizzed. One is very deaf and the other almost stone deaf and flourished a huge black ear trumpet of antiquated appearance the manipulation of which seemed very difficult. Whilst I secured Lady P the two Miss W’s fixed upon Aim sitting close up to her knees and holding a sot of three cornered shouting match. It was hysterically funny to watch and poor Aim looked helplessly out from behind the barrier.

Sept 27th, Wed
I hurried to Glos today dentisting and came out by the 2.30 as the VHs came to Bridge. They brought with them Miss Booker of Southerndown from whom I extracted a lot of information.

Sept 29th, Friday
A day left out to economise on paper. Today the Cliffords came to lunch and tea. We had a most interesting jabberation. She is a great authority on prehistoric affairs and has a most wonderful collection of all kinds of things dug up out of the gravel pits just outside her house. Her skulls are now at the Royal College of Surgeons for classification.