Jan 22nd, Monday
Churning morning and an afternoon rounding up the last of my women. Talk of crowded housing in the towns, one comes across just as bad instances in the rural districts. I was in a cottage today which couldn’t have contained more than 5 rooms and in it live 9 or 10 people, 2 families. The whole place seemed to swarm with babies and there is shortly expected another. It is little short of indecent but houses are not to be had for love or money and its either there or the street.

Jan 24th, Wednesday
The papers are full of the French occupation of the Ruhr district and from all accounts the nation means business. I am only thankful that we are not mixed up in it. Daily news also comes through of Lord Carnarvon’s wonderful find in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor. Thousands of tourists are there and all await the opening of the inner chamber in a week’s time where they expect to find the untouched mummy. (See next panel)

Jan 25th
My quarterly meeting of the Mothers’ Union too place today. A large meeting and to my embarrassed amazement they made me a presentation of an exceedingly nice coffee set and tray. I was much touched but don’t really like this sort of thing as times are very hard and they can ill afford it. I made my thanks as best I could. Our membership now numbers 63 and I must say I am very proud of it for it isn’t yet 2 years old.

Jan 26th
To Gloucester to do the usual chores and also to visit the Cinema! They are giving “Way Down East”. It had a long run in Town and it certainly is rather a wonderful performance and a very good house. We had to stand in a queue and it felt quite like London!

Jan 28th, Sun
The usual routine. I wrote my mail and then taking the Illustrated London News to bed read all about Reisner’s excavations in Ethiopia and dropped off to sleep! Everyone seems digging at present, Carnarvon at Luxor, Garstang in Palestine and Reisner in Ethiopia.

Jan 29th, Monday
Whilst we all sat sewing tonight listening to H reading “The Moonstone” Pink did these tiny “stamp” pictures for me, copied for postage stamps. I treasure them.

Jan 30th, Tuesday
Pink brought in today the first Iris today, what gems they are with their purple gloss and yellow throats and lovely scent. To the VHs for Bridge Club, 16 of us. I drove home in brilliant moonlight not meeting a soul. Below I affix an envelope from Paddy (a soldier she befriended when he was recovering in Somerset). It is to show the new stamp and the spelling of Limerick, how childish it all seems but I see they are far from behaving as children as I read that the Free State has executed 50 men in 52 days.


Jan 31st, Wednesday
I have been in the throes of making marmalade and we’ve made 77 lbs against 91 lbs last year. We received three long letters from Mother greatly agitated because her tenants are leaving and if she doesn’t let she’ll have to return which would be a pity so I got onto her agents and they say there will be no difficulty in re-letting. I hope they succeed as if she must return it will mean my going over there before the holidays and at the present rate I fancy its almost impossible to get to Wiesbaden. Things are in such a state over there, complete blockage in transport and travellers hung up everywhere so I hope for the best. (Wynne’s mother often let her accommodation in order to travel, and spend time abroad).