May 1st, Thursday
Though Mayday began in its usual way, torrents of water and petrifying winds, it cheered up later and we saw for a few minutes the sun’s rare face. I go again to Wembley tomorrow and do trust it will be fine for the mud down there is awful and it makes it so tiring.

May 2nd
Went via Baker Street to Wembley. Thank goodness if was fine and we had a really interesting day ending up with hours at the Amusement Park where we dashed and whirled and wiggle-woggled etc till we felt utterly disjointed! I’ve never seen anything so ingenious as some of the stunts but I must confess the Scenic Railway terrified me! We saw the Queen’s Dolls’ House today, that exquisite thing designed by Sir E Lutyens, the contents of which are all by famous men and women and which has every conceivable modern convenience including electric light, wireless, central heating etc.

May 3rd
I went down to Kennington today to see my cripple girl to discuss with her the prospect of moving her to Barts for treatment. Poor girl she has been frightfully bad since I saw her but was better a little today.

May 4th, Sunday
Went to Service at the Abbey today to Celebration at 11.30. I always like it there, so quiet and no frills. Went home to greet the Kellys to tea, she is still the same well meaning bewildering simpleton and he very nice as of yore.

May 5th
When I met Gertie on Friday she asked me to do a very difficult thing, viz: write an unofficial Guide to the Exhibition for the “Universal Aunts” so I have been composing with much thought and pen biting. I quite expect them to return it with thanks, never having undertaken such a thing before. (Note: Gertie is Gertrude Maclean, who founded UA in 1921, originally to care for children whose parents were posted overseas.  The Macleans were very old friends of Wynne).
Babs and I have been spending a most interesting morning at the Abbey with the Head Verger, Mr Drake. He does not usually take people round but I managed to secure his services yesterday morning at service. He took us into all sorts of places where others cannot go.

May 6th, Tuesday
Went to see a most wonderful film, the Ten Commandments at the Pavillion. It is most wonderfully done and thrilling. I can’t think how some of those scenes are managed.

May 7th, Wednesday
This being Babs’ last day we all went to a theatre, “The Way of the World” at the Lyric, Hammersmith, a most brilliant and witty play by Congreve. I enjoyed it and Miss Evans is one of the cleverest actresses I’ve seen for a long time. Loraine is the principle actor, he’s getting too fat!
(Note: but see his daughter’s book “Robert Loraine, Soldier, Actor, Airman” by Winifred Loraine – he was one of the earliest fliers, and mad about it.)

May 8th
Alas my darling mouse left for College today. Thank goodness with any luck this is the last school train I’ll ever see off and to think that we’ve actually paid the last school bill!!