May 17th Saturday
To Soho to the market and to various other places today including the shipping offices where we put down our names provisionally for B.S. and Union Castle lines for November, so our plans have got thus far.

May 18th, Sunday
Having for some time wanted to go to the Foundling Hospital to church we went there today. This institution was founded by an old philanthropist, one Capt Coram in 1740 for illegitimate children. From small beginnings its numbers have now risen to 700. We sat in the Gallery from where we could see the children, the boys on one side and the girls on the other of the organ, all dressed in the style of those old days. After service the chaplain took us into the picture gallery and old rooms wherein are many lovely treasures not least being the tiny tokens which used to be put upon the babies when they were left at the gate.

May 19th
All morning H and I were out to all sorts of places amongst which was the Colonial Office where they sent us to 4 Buckingham Gate to interview a Kenya man with much interesting information.

May 20th
To Jesse Smith the housewife went today to get her week’s supply and in the afternoon N and I went off to the Academy – a singularly unstriking collection this year and comprises chiefly portraits. (It is possible that Jesse Smith refers to a famous butcher – based in the Cotswolds they may have had a London outlet?)

May 21st
Very hot and thundery. We spent it at that most tiring place, the Exhibition. It is looking lovely now with all its masses of Darwin tulips in bloom. Took Mimi on the scenic railway, a feat she did not entirely appreciate! I should like to try them all but it’s so awfully expensive.

May 22nd Thursday
I did not do anything very strenuous today. H attended the East African dinner, driven there by his wife, and looked very pretty with the CB round his neck!

May 23rd
A strenuous day. Went to B & H to select a frock for my Noots who is going to the Greenwich Ball. Then after lunch I had an awful expedition right down to St Barts to see my cripple who has been taken there for treatment. I found her pretty miserable poor child. A difficult case and I can’t think they can do anything.

May 24th, Saturday EMPIRE DAY
At 1.30 we set forth to Wembley taking with us Gertie to be present at the Empire Celebrations. A most wonderful show – the massed bands and huge choir were simply gorgeous. It was all thrilling and oh how proud one felt of our British heritage. Makes one realise how vast it all is, this great family of ours.