April 1st, Thursday
“Oh! to be in England, now that April’s there”. I must say I shouldn’t mind! The sick cow is dead. We went down after tea to see it and I think it is a case of rupture, poor beast, so nothing could have saved it. That’s the 4th we’ve lost and it means £10 every time.

April 2nd. Good Friday
How different this day out here to at home, with its partly church going lot and its immense crowds waiting for Easter. We shall have no church this time as the car is now non est and in fact we are virtually prisoners on the farm.
Pink returned with Critcher in the little motor last night lighted by the spot lamp of ours, and told us all about the accident. The car apparently turned a complete somersault the other side of Soy. How on earth P and Walsh weren’t killed beats me for the windscreen, hood, body, steering wheel were all smashed to pieces and they were covered in glass. Critcher has a bad go of fever and looks ill but I hope to return him fit on Tuesday.

April 3rd
I can just imagine what is going on in all the parishes at home, especially all the church decorating. I must say it makes me rather homesick to think of it all, I so particularly love our woods at this time of year.

April 4th, Easter Sunday
Our car being smashed we are not able to go to church. I was sorry. Somehow Easter seems to want a service of some sort.

April 5th.
At a quarter to one today Pink, Wartnaby, Critcher and Robins turned up. I hastily summoned the cook and enquired if he had enough and was assured in the affirmative. Imagine my dismay to see a cupful of soup, seven minute rissoles and seven still more minute tartlets! I nearly had a fit and these boys are no mean eaters, however that’s all they had. After lunch they rugged and banged about culminating in Robins shooting or attempting to shoot W with a biscuit at tea and the latter pulling the whole teapot on to the floor! What it is to live the free and easy life! All departed at about 5.30 and I returned to my never ceasing garden work, of which there is more to do than I can accomplish.

April 7th
Heavy rain is falling. The mud these days is perfectly fearful and the state of the house can better be imagined than described.

April 8th
More floods and torrents. Our poor little roof gave out badly in a place or two and we had to spread towels on the table.

April 9th, Friday
A morning’s work replanting the Kei Apple hedge, replacing misses of which there are a good many. Rain began again, and continued through the night. Floods came bursting down the orchard, submerging the kitchen garden, eventually arriving in roaring torrents at the verandah where it poured in right along and flooded the bathroom. My garden will be a wreck as all the murram off the drive is on the lawn. Tomorrow an extensive drain digging will have to take place.