April 10th, Saturday
All over the place we now have drains and dykes. The worst damage really is in the vegetable garden, peas and beans washed right away and the beds of spinach, beet etc literally non est. Gardening in this country is certainly a bit difficult. We had five and a half inches in two days.

April 13th
Pink has gone sick either fever or sun. He has various symptoms.

April 14th, Wednesday
Mr Vesey came over to ask if I would go with him to the Ls as Mikey was having convulsions, both children being down with malaria. On arrival however I found him asleep and quiet, they having done the necessary. The poor little creatures have both had quinine injections and so perhaps they have got through the worst.

April 15th
Pink better though not feeling up to much. Fever takes it out of one so awfully and he cannot enjoy his food as everything tastes so vile.

April 17th
Yesterday we planted out 100 pineapples and they make a fine show! Fruit somehow or other I must have. We now have peaches, apples, oranges, lemons, cherries, plums, loquats, mulberries, blackberries, strawberries, figs and vines planted so in a few years with any luck should be all right. We’ve sent for 24 more trees from Paxton this year, of course bananas and guavas too.

April 18th, Sunday
We had an inspiration to walk over to Wreford’s this morning to see Williams Owen and his lion cub. It is a pretty walk through the woods but the almost entire lack of flowers disappoints me. One goes mile after mile through lovely surroundings and seldom see any colour. The same sort of surroundings in England or the Continent would produce flowers of every kind.
The little lion is sweet, with huge blue eyes and fat paws. It is about a month old. I insert here some of the photos he gave me – the one of the Nandi lion hunt is very good and was the occasion of his getting the baby. We got home just in time to save ourselves a wetting. Our trenches are working pretty well and as soon as our new grass grows it will save a lot of wash.

April 25th, Sunday
Usual feeling of peace and quiet. Yesterday’s mail brought a host of papers and I have cut these two sweet pictures of early motoring. I remember so well it must I think have been in 1897 visiting the Exhibition at Olympia with Father and there for the first time motors were on show. Appalling evil smelling rattle traps. Round a laid course we went for rides at 2d a turn, Father swearing he would never go in such a conveyance again! Now everyone possesses one.