April 26th, Monday
It seems to me that some people cannot live or die without notoriety, (see cutting): what can it matter to one what takes place at one’s funeral. All this kind of stunt is merely to appear peculiar. Surely this creature must have been rather mad.
We have three apples in the orchard and the tree was only planted last August.

April 27th
At about 7 our two ( Pink and Critcher) returned. Critcher looks on the verge of another bout of fever. They had the most awful journey, the roads are appalling and the little motor has no brakes so that when she bucks going up a hill she simply runs backwards. Also they got into a storm and everything was drenched. A letter from Eve. She sent me photos of Lalseryah. What a difference to our abode!! and what a garden, these ancient trees are like England. Perhaps in 50 years time ours will be the same!! A lovely place, shall I ever see it? I trow me not, if ever there is any money made on this place it’ll be to England we go and the prospect of that is in the far and distant future.

April 30th, Friday
Wartnaby came up this evening to fetch us tomorrow for the weekend and a dance at the Club. His car has again been bashed in. so nice to see him here again and I shall enjoy being down there once more.

(The end of the Empire Exhibition – Wynne wrote against this “Alas poor Wembley!”)