August 1st, Sunday
I have missed a whole week but it has been a week of much hard labour with many interruptions. Today it is lovely so although it is Sunday we are snatching at an opportunity and planting wheat. H and I went down and both careered round on the drill to watch it working, a very neat contrivance and if we get all the wheat in which we want to this season we shall have 110 acres sown.

August 5th
H, P and I went into Kitale today, I to the dentist to get my front tooth replaced. We had a lovely drive in, hot and dry, but it rained the whole afternoon and we had a frantic drive home culminating at Grays Drift which is grizzly. Critcher is at the nursing home, very nearly went out with fever this time.

August 6th, Friday
Pink down with fever today. I do hate these continual attacks but what can one do.

August 7th
Pink has recovered sufficiently today to go into Kitale. He will probably bring Critcher back if fit to move for a fortnight or so.

August 9th, Monday
A vile and sunless day with fine rain falling. During the afternoon up drove Pink with Critcher. I do hope he’ll be none the worse for he looks horribly ill so I hope a fortnight up here will put him right.

August 11th
I think that Critch is improving already, as a usual result of malaria his appetite does not fail but I don’t think his inside is approving of his dietary! However I hope each day he’ll get stronger. I have been forced to do a good deal of cooking. Bread went wrong so scones had to be made, also cakes etc and though I find my store a joy I’d so much rather never do anything but gardening all day! The Sweet Peas at present are perfect, one long line of colour and curiously the self sowed seeds are by far the best. As I write I can see from the window a blaze of salvias, cannas, snapdragons, iris and carnations.

August 12th
To Kitale. As our car is now dismantled for painting purposes the Leonards kindly took Nootie and me. Mrs L was bent on Jumble Sale intent which she had got up for the Welfare Fund. There are now over 70 members in this branch of the Society and no one was present. The buyers were entirely Africans and out of them they managed to extract nearly £15. My time was spent having my tooth put in and contrary to my expectations very painful it was.

August 15th, Sunday
As I write there is a big storm on, the country is blotted out and almost continuous thunder is making rude noises above. We’ve had very little rain so this will not come amiss. It is curious how soon the ground becomes dry and cracked.
The boys are busy singing hymns in the kitchen, they always do in a storm. I fancy they think it must keep the devil away! Any self respecting devil would certainly flee at the sound of their stomachache noises.