August 22nd, Sunday
A week has elapsed. Pink and Critcher have been busy painting the car and our evenings employed in playing games so it has passed away with much peace and contentment. L came over and took H, P and me over to the Club where we found a large gathering assembled for a general meeting to discuss a proposed scheme for a store and also a Church Bazaar. I am to have a fancy stall though how I am going to raise sufficient horrors for a stall heaven knows. It was pleasant seeing some people again.

August 23rd
Pink and C assembled the car and were to have gone in this afternoon but a storm arose and stopped them. After lunch I set myself to Bazaar work and am now making card pincushions and have completed two housewifes (or hussif, a small sewing kit). It seems strange to be back at the old game. The car looks lovely outside but unfortunately after having at long last got the wind screen fixed on again Critcher broke it putting it into the shed. and as to the hook I don’t think we shall ever get it.

August 26th
Priceless pictures out of a June Punch, really clever – autres temps autres moeurs. What would 50 years ago have said to today!

Aug 28th, Saturday
This afternoon whilst working with D the two young Leonards made off and were absent for two minutes. She went after and found them pulling the datura to pieces, Mickey having put a flower in his mouth. I must confess I had a real good fright for it is deadly poison. We washed their mouths with disinfectant and thank goodness nothing happened but I had visions of seeing both stretched out in half an hour. Both had most certainly had some in their mouths.
The dance, though a small one, was great fun and when over it was decided we should come home in our car, the other being a doubtful starter (loaned from the Garage). Arrived home at 3.15, no hood and no floor board making matters a bit chilly, and the others didn’t come back until 8. Their car first refused to start and then the steering went wrong. I can’t think how they escaped an accident as on getting out they found the wheels pointing outwards!

Aug 29th
There is a certain account of work to be done by a hostess when catering for a household of 11 in E.A. This weekend the flour we find is bad and all the bread and other food tastes of smoke and carbolic! And how these men eat, everything disappears!