December 1st, Wednesday
All day long we hear the sound of the reaping. From 7.0 to 6.30 they work and come up at night more dead than alive and utterly begrimed.

Dec 2nd
A third day of reaping and tonight when the men came up they were really done in. Pink all day day been quite knocked up with vibration and sun I fancy, but the first acreage is nearly finished.

Dec 3rd
A very busy three days are over and I am glad to be free of preparing and sending down 4 meals a day. Today with one boy up on the tractor and another on the reaper our boys are able to take their ease. Sowed the first hot weather vegetables in the spruit but it is still rather like a bog. As I sit writing in the guest house and looking out to the garden I don’t think I’ve ever seen it look gayer.

Dec 4th, Saturday
A very busy day. We have made a pudding, a cake, dyed cushion covers, ironed them and put them on, recovered all the chairs and done photography. There is nothing like a good set to when you are so inclined.

Dec 5th, Sunday
I resolutely put all work aside. We three took our work and writing and went and sat with the dogs and the buck under the trees. It was absolutely still and warm and the distant view of blue, gold and brown quite lovely. At about 4.30 we saw a car approaching, followed by another – Narroway, the Townsends, Bentley and then PInk, Critcher and Hunt! Scrambles for more tea, hasty removal of burnt cake! Critcher and Hunt and Bentley stayed the night and the other to dinner, a vile dinner of soup, the usual trek ox and omelets but I hope that all the quilps, cracks and wreathing smiles which ensued covered the deficiencies. I’ve seldom laughed so much. Bentley is always the life and soul of any party and the way that man can keep his face whilst pulling everyone’s legs is really professional, and when one gets him together with Critcher and Narraway the conversation with all its bon mots is quite difficult to keep up with!!

Dec 10th, Friday
Busy today finishing up last touches to Bazaar things. I shall be glad when the show is over, I haven’t done any mending for weeks and the rags are accumulating. All the wheat of the first two fields is now carried and stacked. My garden is rapidly drying up but I hope the rain will keep away until we’ve threshed.
I’ve never seen anything so magnificent as the salpiglossis – some of them are up to my chest and every conceivable colour. Also we have masses of sweet peas from a second sowing and the verbena on the bank are just lovely.

Dec 11th
The Bazaar thanks be is over and we made at our stall about £19. We arrived early and decorated our stall and it made a brave show. I believe the whole thing realized over £130. At 5 we packed up and went off to stay the night with Narraway for the Turbo dance. After a most sumptuous “collation” 5 cars strong took the road, such a road too, full of holes and gullies and ditches. Half way the Potts fell into one and smashed their car and had to get into another. The dance was a good one but so cold that I really didn’t enjoy it much or the vile drive home, 25 miles of freeze. We all got beds but Critcher and our host had to resort to chairs and sofa but no one minds anything out here!

Dec 12th, Sunday
At about 9 we all began to wake up. Mrs Townsend who did hostess was up and dressed visiting all and administering tea and Enos. Assembled at breakfast, our host looking like nothing on earth in his dress clothes minus collar and waistcoat! Lashings of eggs and bacon, and shortly after a car drove up containing Hawks, and Bing Hall.  Prairie Oysters were then devoured accompanied by gin and bitters and beer. Eventually got home safely, and glad to be at peace! (see next panel)