December 15th, Wednesday
The middle of Dec and almost at once Xmas will be upon us. How different our conditions here to Home.
(from 13th until 17th, endless visitors called in, which added to the workload in the garden and the house – Wynne seems to have accustomed herself to this colonial hospitality).

Dec 17th, Friday
A day alone, Deo Grazia, but full of jobs as usual. We occupied our time making the Xmas cake! I do hope it turns out a success.

Dec 18th
No peace for the wicked for today was an Elgon dance night. We stayed the night at Narraway’s.

Dec 19th, Sunday
The morning spent in ragging, both the girls got wet to the skin and the whole area was thick with water! Personally its a bit too much and I am pogbaggish enough to lack appreciation.

Dec 21st
A long days shopping in Kitale, a thing we haven’t done for months. The real purpose of the expedition was lunch at the Townsends in order to confab with Mrs T about the Xmas picnic which she and I are to manage. I hope the whole thing is going to be fine but it has grown and grown adding to its numbers and a good many seem at loggerheads! Picked up a lot of mail and many parcels, did business at the Bank, visited Mrs Wilkie who had now opened a ladies shop and finally ended up with tea at the Club.

Dec 23rd
Herewith a photo of Thurie, sent from Mother. He certainly is going to be a replica of old Gran. He lives very happily on at Salzburg. Our Xmas plans appear rather vague but I shall fall in with any alteration.

Dec 24th
Today began our Xmas doings and after a pack up and general arrangement for everything in our absence we left the shamba reaching Kitale at 4. There we found confusion worse confounded reigning and everyone of different opinions as to what we should do tomorrow (they were planning a picnic out in the countryside). No lorry seemed available etc but after much wrangling Kirkwoods lorry was secured. We and the Townsends collected all our provisions and packed them all after which we hurried off to Bentley who was putting us up, changed, and returned to the Club for dinner where we sat down a huge party and this is the signed menu (see below).  We danced till about 2.30 having intended to knock off at 12. I think this country must have a strange effect on peoples’ nerves. Perhaps it is the altitude or the native but the air was full of shauris, not connected with us thanks be, and we were only the amused onlookers, but people seem to go off the deep end so easily.


Dec 25th, Xmas Day
An early rendezvous had been arranged at Bentleys corner but there was no getting them out of bed. At length we did meet, 14 of us, and started, all in two cars and the lorry. Our destination was Marrakwet, a remote police station in the Reserve. Our road lay firstly right over the plains, dull and dusty, but gradually we entered the forest and at about 1.30 stopped under the trees for lunch. From here the road was perfect, it was made by one Popplewell who was DC here from 1913 – 17. The scenery was that of an English park, big bracken covered clearings, immense age old trees, tremendous hills and hairpin bends. At length we came upon the station itself, a tiny house in the middle of a green garden and guest house, and offices on one side, police lines further away, the whole place surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever known. We unpacked and got beds and food ready, all the women in one tiny room and the men in two more, and in a ruined hut we set up a table and lit a huge fire and ate our Xmas dinner; turkey, sucking pig, ham, chickens etc. and after a sing-song went early to bed.