December 26th, Sunday
Our night, lying some on camp beds and some on the floor all wrapped up in our clothes, coats and blankets passed quickly. Our toilet in the morning consisted of washing in a saucepan (though Mrs C preferred a sponge-down in a soup plate!). Breakfast on the sun-lit lawn after which, having far to go, we left which I was loath to do. Went again through the wonderful forest and called in en route at the Elgeyo Saw Mills for petrol and eventually joined the others near by for lunch, our object today was Kamarind and after about 25 miles we reached it. The road suddenly comes to an end on a narrow ridge of trees and there burst upon our vision quite the largest thing in Nature I’ve ever seen, the Rift Valley. Miles and miles below us it lay and no words of mine can possibly convey the wonderful sight. Huge forest trees looked like miniature plants, a distant lake in fact 5 miles long like a tiny blue pool, and beyond masses of huge mountains. Africa has hitherto held no awesome spell for me, her most talked of grandeur and mysticism has not come my way, but this thing held me spellbound and I wished I had been there alone! We did not stay long as we had far to go, how far luckily we did not know for we lost our way and did not get home to Bentley till 3.0! stopping at Soy for dinner.

December 27th – 28th
Our journeyings continue. At 12.40 leaving the others we took train for Naivasha. In our carriage there sat a BORE who clung to us all the way. This journey south is quite boring enough without having any extras tacked on. After a vilely uncomfortable night we arrived at Naivasha at 11 and were met by Colonel Henderson.

Dec 29th, Wednesday
The object of our visit here was the Gunners Dinner at Nairobi tonight and we started off at about 10 in the car, a distance of 62 miles on a hideous road and very dull. The Hendersons shamba lies at the foot of the Kinnenkop plateau in the midst of forest which abounds in game. Their cedar house built from the estate is comfortable and roomy and stands in a sloping garden full of flowers but so numerous is the game that every portion of it has to be fenced and even so birds and beasts of every kind commit incessant damage. We saw parties of baboon, wild pig, buck of all kinds etc.
We arrived in Nairobi and put up at the Stanley. At 8.30 the Governor came and H who was presiding met him at the door. The Dinner appears to have been a great success and 46 were present. The KAR band played and I really enjoyed listening to all those old tunes, only it made one realize how one misses all that sort of thing.

Dec 30th
Did some shopping and at 12 started off on our long return journey, having lunch just before the Escarpment. The perilous road is really quite civilzed now, slightly broader and free from dust and boulders so that it is no longer such a nightmare.

Dec 31st, Friday
The last day of a very jolly year and we spent it “a picnicing” – this would have been a really interesting day but soon after lunch the rain came and drenched us to the skin. Set forth to a placed called the Crater Lake, very primitive wild country and very “Rider Haggardish”. It lies in the heart of wild mountains, remote and absolutely silent, but being drenched rather damped our ardour and I personally divested myself of my silk frock and drove home in my wet petticoat and fur coat! Too tired to see in the New Year so ended 1926.