February 1st, Monday
Just a year ago today we burnt our little wooden house down. Much water has run under the bridge since then. I think the rains will be coming now, each evening heavy clouds get up and the sky is filled with lightening. I wish our wheat was safely in. All looks arid and dried up.

February 3rd, Wed
For the last 4 or 5 days there has swept across the land one continuous flight of white butterflies coming from the direction of the mountain. The boys regard them with superstition. They tell us when this happens every one gets ill and dies but as I hear it is an annual occurrence the population cant have much of a chance! They have innumerable beliefs of this sort. Seeing one of us handling a harmless chameleon they fled shrieking in horror and told us that if one got bitten by such the only thing that could save you were the innards of a bull goat. It is to them just as dangerous as a poisonous snake.

Feb 4th
I’ve been trying to make Teparee jelly but it will not jell. I do so miss my oil stove. Here the boys are always either letting the fire go out altogether or filling the place with smoke, and then they will come and watch and ask endless questions.

Feb 5th
Building goes on apace. The wheat store is nearly finished and the waggon shed is now going up. Soon we shall look like a little colony, especially when the guest house is a fait accompli. I shall be so glad to have this and be able to put up people. We shall be able to furnish it too as we have discovered a fundi in Kitale who is repairing all damage done to various pieces on the way out. I shall put the two Persian rugs down as at present we have no less than four in our living room as I daren’t put them in the store for fear of rats.

Feb 6th, Saturday
Pink and I were bidden to dine with Shaw and Upton today. They wanted H to have come but alas he cannot drive the car. I must confess to a certain small amount of envy whenever I enter a real house out here and experience a sense of civilization. It will undoubtedly be a great joy to be able to have a wall on which one can hang a thing straight!

Feb 7th
Babs’ birthday, 18 today. Alas one can make no fuss over such occasions out here, no means of getting presents or otherwise celebrating the affair so sweets and chocolates are presented and the family in general eats them!