February 24th, Wednesday
The thresher came over today and we got all our wheat threshed. It has not turned out half so badly as we thought. In charge of the machine is a young Dutchman, Mouton by name, who is putting up with us for the night. He is quite a civilized “kaburu” though very shy of course, and rather difficult to dig out. All his forebears were killed in the Boer War but he and his mother apparently have been up here for 15 years and have a farm at Sergoit.

(note: the word kaburu is a slang term used by white Kenyans to refer to a lower class of white, possibly Afrikaner or a European of low intellect)

Feb 25th
The last load of wheat safely bestowed thank be for as I write at 4.30 a tremendous thunderstorm, the first of this season, has broken over us and torrents of rain are falling. Mouton was to have moved over to Olivier (another kaburu) this morning but the n’gombies never turned up which were to remove the thresher and at about 11 O himself arrived much agitated as they hadn’t turned up. Olivier, quite a young fellow, is a real young Boer, weeks growth upon his chin, long hair and general grime. Swilled his coffee round in his mouth, spat the grounds out on the floor and in fact might have come from the back Veldt. During lunch he gave us various pieces of startling news, and suddenly said “Ave you ‘eard about Mrs Gordon Hewett’s baby?” This in itself was surprising enough as we were not aware she was going to have one and he then proceeded to tell us that on her way down to Nairobi after pinching out the baby’s tongue, threw it out of the window. A native picked it up still alive and rushed on to the station where the train had stopped but it was dead by then and Mrs GH is on trial in Nairobi! We were absolutely aghast and cant believe it is true. They had recently sold up everything and were going home.

Feb 26th
The mail bringing a letter from Mother. I was much interested to find these photos enclosed of her house and her landlords, the Hodges. It all looks lovely and I can fancy Mother would be very snug inside.