January 13th, Wednesday
Mother sent me the other day our old family book of jokes. Some of them are clever but it is curious how like all else our sense of humour changes. I have been sowing seeds in boxes today, some that have come from Home.

January 14th
Total Eclipse of the Sun
When I went out at 6.30 I thought the light looked very odd and at that moment Pink came up to ask what date the eclipse was. I realized what was happening and roused the others and in a very short time the sun was completely covered by the moon, around it were rays of pale light and it grew quite dark. The natives were much astonished and wanted to know what was happening to this country.

January 15th
I am sitting writing on the verandah. All is still except for the shrill chirp of the myriad crickets. I had a huge mail on Wednesday including two long screeds from Mother who has invested in a Listening In set and is quite enthralled. It is a splendid toy for her being alone and keeps her au fait with the world.

January 16th, Saturday
Heavy rain this afternoon and it will do all my seeds and the garden so much good. We went to Elgon tonight to the Theatricals. The show would have been better if the men had known their parts as its a very amusing play. After it was over we danced, finally ending up with sausages and champagne provide by Col Pudsey!! getting back at 3.30.

Jan 18th, Monday
Critcher left early, his ‘little motor’ in an extraordinary state, it looks as though there was only half of it! He took in for me to the Club 29 dozen eggs and as the car has no springs at all I fear that few can have arrived intact!

Jan 19th
On a long job now cleaning the orchard. I am keen to keep it nice as the trees are doing so well. The mulberries for instance, and also the blackberries which were cuttings last April and May are now bearing fruit!

Jan 20th, Thursday
Wartnaby and Pink have been busy with the new team of n’gombies who are being obstreperous. Arthur Trench arrived. He is a coffee expert and is on tour. He was awfully complimentary and in high praise of soil and position and gave us great hopes of future success.