January 23rd, Saturday
Sowing more seeds and pricking out seedlings. Having made a little bed of freezia seeds the boys’ hens promptly came and scratched them all up again, whereupon I flew into a rage and informed them that if I caught them down there again I’d lock them up in our chicken house and keep them. They have disappeared!

Jan 26th
People speak of the “wonderful and mystic African night”. I must say I never see much of either in it except that the moon is rather extra beautiful. As I sit here writing upon the verandah at 6.30pm the great thing that strikes me is the intense silence which is only broken by the low murmurings from the servants quarters and the myriads of crickets. Far in the distance below our foothill home lies the vast plain of the Trans Nzoia which, it being the dry season, is every night one huge panorama of fires. it looks most weird and soon I suppose our surrounding grass will go up, always to my mind a rather frightening operation.

Jan 29th
Nootie and I went off on an expedition to the Piet von Mallitz’s to buy pork and lard. The first we failed in but secured lard, oranges, sausages and beef! Dutch people have the reputation of living very rough but all I can say is that both the von Ms keep their house scrupulously clean and all looks most prosperous. They own no less that 3 farms. She took me into her store cupboard and gave me a pot of loquat jelly.