July 1st, Thursday
Busy planting new hedge an grass. Down on the shamba ploughs and harrows are hard at work, also coffee planting in progress.

July 3rd
Whole morning spent in planting grass in company with my one remaining toto who is utterly mad and carries on a long conversation with himself all the time.

July 4th, Sunday
Another “humour of the Strike” here. Really rather clever. The period is now called “plus four fortnight” and I think all the females must be quite sorry it is over! A parcel of patterns has come from Evans and we are thrilling ourselves by choosing material for shirts though one has to wait so long for the completion of an order.

July 5th
We set to and mowed the lawns. It is a vile job but I have no totos who are able to manage it, they simply run all over the lawn at angles of 45 degrees like ants and cut nothing. I long for a real man for the garden now that its dimensions are growing but I fear it will be a case of longing on.

July 6th
We have gone into partnership over a wheat drill. Pink and Leonard are sharing the work and so P went over and started in. Message from L asking if I would go over tomorrow and spend the day as poor old Vesey is so bad and they don’t like being alone.

July 7th
Spent the day with Ls today. Pink and Noots came too as the latter is helping with the sowing. I occupied the children. After lunch L returned after a fruitless search for a nurse. I was supposed to give moral support to Mrs V and am rather thankful no other support was necessary, Mr V sleeping all the afternoon. These two ladies are hot on Xian Science at present and imagine they are curing him thus.

July 10th, Saturday
Really taking to the roads in this weather without hood, windscreen, spare wheels or chains is no pleasure, nevertheless we continue to do it. At 3.30 set forth and found the roads passable but stuck on the bridge, a hair raising place to do so being high and narrow and deep in soft mud. By dint of pushing we crawled out. First hurried to the footer ground, a great crowd present and over 50 cars. What a change in 5 years, or even one! Then drove to the Club for sundowners and changed in the ladies room. I regret the old days where we went to Wartnaby but now he has a permanent lodger the old order has changed. Dined at the Club and there ensued the noisiest and maddest dinner I’ve ever been at. The room was full and by the second course most of the men were well on! In one corner sat little Hatfield, Tyack, Turner and another and at frequent intervals Hatfield insisted on getting up on his chair and singing the She Bears hymn with the rest of the room. Norman Tweedie and his crowd in another corner performed the “tube imitation” and in the centre another group vied with one from Eldoret to see who could “out noise” each other. It was deafening and the whole room really went mad. At 9.15 we all moved on to the Hotel where the dance was held, a very crowded assembly including masses of kaburus. Didn’t get back until past 6.30 as we stuck all the way. Arriving we made tea and talked till baths were ready. Didn’t go to bed at all.