July 21st, Wednesday
A most awful flood of rain, thunder and lightening and darkness! Pink came up from the shamba with the dire news that the cutworm is at our newly planted coffee. We have no shields, they being “on order” and there is no reason why the whole lot shouldn’t go. Tomorrow we put down Paris Green and have the whole lot picked over. This is not the month for them so we thought we were safe, but what farmer is ever safe?

July 22nd
Our thoughts are with our poor coffee plants today, every one has been picked over and Paris greened. One only hopes it may be prevented from spreading. Opposite are three pictures from the Tatler which were too good to lose. L.G. (Lloyd George) has been playing the fool and is in a peculiar position with his colleagues. There is talk of enforced resignation and some say he will join Labour but I doubt it. I love his and Asquith’s faces in the top picture.

July 24th, Saturday
A freezing dark morning which continued for most of the day, and this is E Africa on the Equator! Most fearful accounts of the road which really in some places have disappeared and in others are simply large pits and holes. The country is a mass of wrecked cars. What will the place be like by the end of the rains!

July 25th
There was a Service at Elgon but we have no petrol and even if we had I doubt if we should have got there minus chains. We had sun this morning, a real treat, but its all gone again now and the distant Cheranganis are all in storms once more. Beastly weather.