June 19th, Saturday
The usual Saturday clean up and we stuck the second row of sweet peas in. We are alone tonight, the three have gone into Kitale, Pink to play rugger and afterwards they are going to dine and dance at the Smithsons.

June 20th
Awakening this morning just before 6.0 I heard with surprise a car and on going out found my three green with cold, mud bespattered and draggled. A series of misadventures had brought them to this pass. Pink began them by spraining his wrist , necessitating a visit to the nursing home which of course caused delay. They had a jolly evening but on the way home got bogged down and then had to wait another 2 hours while Pink went and fetched Leonard’s men and n’gombies to drag them out. Noots had to do all the driving and it was lucky she was there to do it. Oh these never failing car adventures, personally they take most of the gilt off my gingerbread. Stacks and stacks of mail, and masses of news about the Strike. I insert one or two letters here giving an account of it all. Picture Papers are full of it and the Illustrated London News has published a whole strike number.

June 27th, Sunday
I have missed a week, not through idleness but just because I’ve had rather a heavy mail to answer and simply could not find the time. Spent this morning printing photos, and here insert 3 of the little lion to show how it is growing.
Am thrilled that after long months of waiting 2 or my 3 Golden Shower creepers are in flower. They are growing up over the thatch and soon will go all over it.