March 1st, Monday
March, the month of winds and awakening at home and here just like another month. It is curious how little difference there is all the year round. I have been working in front in preparation for the pergola which is going up next week. It is all very interesting and in my mind’s eye I see it in 10 years time when in my bath chair I shall be wheeled along beneath it swathed in shawls.

March 3rd
Out of the East African Standard I have stuck in two pictures of a bridge on our coming railway. It is Hoey’s Bridge and nearing completion now. They say the railway is to be in Kitale in March but it is clearly impossible.

March 5th, Friday
H and P busy putting up wire on the pallisades so now I shall be able to train my creepers. It was very hot, the ground so burning that one couldn’t bear our hands upon it. I thought I’d earned a rest but no sooner had I dropped off when one of the boys came and awoke me with some utterly foolish question and then we heard sounds of a car. Up I rose, cursings and swearings, to find Tweedie in his new Buick accompanied by Wartnaby, the latter had been down to Nairobi to fetch the car.

March 6th
I am alone today, the whole party having gone into Kitale. After tea I spent my time in tying up the grenadillos on the drive and found they had already begun to cling! My vagrants returned at 7.30 and I was much interested in all they had to tell me of the Labour meeting they had attended.

March 7th
Today we went to Kirk, our monthly service. In consequence of a contretemps with Padre Knight who, being asked if he could manage to take our services for a little less that £3.3.0 each time, went off the deepend and wrote saying “I decline to take any more services in Elgon Church” (a truly Xian spirit) we had to do without him. Sir Edward Clarke read the service and H the lesson. We had 37 people there and a collection of 71/-. I wish someone would tell the Padre he is superfluous.

March 12th, Friday
My Kei Apple hedge has arrived at the stage of being pegged down and this is what I’m doing now, but my difficulty is getting sufficient pegs. One wants thousands and it is impossible to get anything but green wood so that they will all grow!

March 13th
The day of the periodical dance at Elgon. The dance was dullish, lots of gyrating but somehow I didn’t feel inspired.