May 9th, Sunday
Ell and I have met in many places before but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that it would ever be in East Africa! Went down to the station and almost punctually at 12.15 in came the special and on the platform stood my beloved on the look out. I do not attempt to express what it meant to me! Well, we gathered all the luggage and rickshawed to the hotel, spending the rest of the day talking.

May 10th, Monday
Very busy all day and hunting Mr Trench who is Ell’s manager. We eventually ran him to ground and then settled we should go out to Ell’s place Kathanji tomorrow. Nairobi is a vile hole and looks more shenzy than ever now since its frequent fires (there was another last night) but it is quite pleasant seeing a shop again after 18 months absence from such. I went for a drive last evening and some of the gardens are really very beautiful.

May 11th
Mr Trench drove us to Kathanji, about 41 miles distant, and up to Thika the roads quite good, after that vile. We stopped at the Blue Posts at Thika to have a drink and went to look at the Chania Falls which were in full spate and very fine. Arriving at Kathanji we were greeted by Mrs T and three tiny children, and found the neatest little settlement, a bungalow of wood and grass with stone foundations and a very tidy garden with garage workshop, coffee sheds kitchen etc.

May 12th
Rain descends in torrents. Ell and Trench are going over every bit of the shamba and talk business. Mrs T who does nurse, and cook partially and house maid is busy all day long and though the kids are remarkably good it means one long days work after another. We walked down to see the factory all so nice and new and I wonder when I look at this old shamba how long it will be before ours looks like that.

May 14th, Friday
Mr T drove us over awful roads back and on arrival at Nairobi I went off shopping again. N is a fearful place to shop as supplies are scarce and it means rushing from place to place. Prices too are frightful and one soon gets rid of £20! Luckily our visits here will be infrequent. Ell and I went to the cinema tonight, such piffle I’ve never before seen beginning with Charlie Chaplin whose humour I cannot appreciate!

May 15th
Thinking our train left at 4.5 today we were leisurely pursuing our business when we discovered it was 1.45 so we rushed back and hastily packed and bundled ourselves onto it. Then began the tedious journey across limitless plains only relieved by meals at wayside stations and dinner this evening on the train. We spent a vile night drawn up in a siding at Nakuru with a most frightful noise going on and people perpetually trying to get into our carriage. It is not dirty, I suppose because they only burn wood, but it is a weary mode of progression.