May 16th, Sunday
At about six they brought us tea and we thinking we should get breakfast on the way never worried about it only to find that we were supposed to go to the Hotel so we got nothing until 1.0 when we lunched at a station. The country is magnificent and one looks down over an immense area miles below and seem to see all Africa! After lunching we were informed that there had been a break down on the railway ahead and that we might have to bed down at Timborua but after an hour we slowly moved on. We arrived very late at Eldoret and found it pouring with rain. I went down to the hotel to get rooms and drew a blank, falling into a ditch en route. Borrowing a lamp I returned there to be met by a man from the Pioneer Garage with a message from Wartnaby saying his car had broken down so he took us to the Pioneer Hotel where again we were met with the cry: no rooms. I was in despair but by curious coincidence Ell found that Mrs Pearson, the proprietress, was a great friend of his ship’s Captain and so she took us in, the manager giving me his room and Ell slept on the floor of the office! I was so relieved.

May 17th
At 10 the car came for us and we tied on the luggage with ropes and proceeded over seas and lakes of mud, the roads being under water. However we arrived at K where we lunched and eventually came to rest at our destination but I never want to go a long journey at this time of year again.

May 31st, Monday
A week has passed of uneventful pleasantries, glorious weather and the usual daily work. Every day is a joy because Ell is here but alas I am dashed at his speedy return which takes place on Thursday for he sails on 12th June and has to go up to Kathanji beforehand. It is all a great sadness to me as on the 5th there is a dance and we celebrate our silver wedding!
On Saturday Critcher turned up to fetch Pink for rugger and today Leonard has fetched H and Ell to attend a meeting in K. There has recently been a case of assault by a native in Kijabe on an Englishwoman following another at Nairobi and the settlers are meeting about it to discuss the course to take.