November 1st, Monday
I have let a whole month go by without writing a word. Mabel left again on Monday Oct 18th, and it is sad to know that we cannot meet again for years. As I now look down from the verandah I realise what an immense difference even a year’s work can do. The whole area as far as the coffee nursery is now all in cultivation and looks in splendid condition in spite of the fact that the buck and the birds are taking a quota.
It is really a treat to have a spot of hot weather again, such a change after the tempest and gloom.

November 2nd, Tuesday
Another perfect day. The garden is really looking very neat and tidy. One of the Bentley creepers came out, a glorified Morning Glory, white with green markings and a perfect scent. Many of the creepers are showing flowers now and its all very interesting.

Sept 4th
All day long I have been perpetrating horrors for the Church bazaar. I have so much to provide. Also I’ve had a letter asking if I will do the collecting for the Haig Fund in this district which of course I shall but how it is done in this land of distances I cant imagine!

November 7th, Sunday
Bob Jackson, who is planting oranges at Zebediela, sent us these recently. I think our abode compares favourably. It is be be hoped he has manufactured something more weather tight by now! We got our first accounts of Z the other day. 3 years ago we invested money in this concern and our first “returns” show a debit of 2/-!! I wonder is it a real fraud or whether in time it will right itself?

November 8th, Monday
This evening Leonard came up for Bridge and stayed for dinner. At about 7 there arrives Pink bringing with him Hunt and Critcher. I hastily summoned Kipleting and ordered a sardine omelet to augment our frugal fare. the result being that he served the said omelet on the same dish as the pudding!! Shrieks of joy all round and they seemed to like apple fritters mixed with sardines.

Nov 11th
Armistice Day.
Once again crowds must be thronging Whitehall around the Cenotaph, that most impressive ceremony which we attended in 24. How strange it is to be so far removed from all outward remembrance of this great anniversary.

Nov 12th, Friday
Critch came up today bringing our car back and Hunt came with him intending to take his car back but such torrents fell that he stayed the night.

Nov 14th
A perfectly hateful day. It started to rain at about 12 and continued till night. It is so freezing cold, so unlike the approach of the dry season and I long for the sun. We spent the evening playing Vingt et Un and with a large fire managed to keep ourselves fairly cheerful.