November 18th, Thursday
Ceaseless rain. Day by day we are waiting to reap the wheat, but cannot do so until Leonard has done his as we are sharing implements. Each day now it is ripe we run the risk of its dropping.

Nov 19th
Pink has gone to Kitale to answer a summons today for failure to keep a squatters register! Nearly everyone is being caught by this just now.

Nov 20th
Dance night at the Club and the morning spent in cake and pudding making, fruit salad picking and generally cleaning up all round. I hate Saturday! The verandah is washed, the sitting room turned out etc and general discomfort reigns. Having dined we donned our glad rags and departed for Elgon, the usual jolly dance.

Nov 22nd
A gem I culled from the Sphere.  I wanted to find a picture of a present day bicycle but nowadays they are not even advertised. I suppose people must buy them still but motors and aeroplanes are the order of the day. Everyone has one of the former and soon it will be similar with the latter. Carberry out here has one now and flies down to Nairobi.

Nov 23rd, Tuesday
I really believe the wet weather is gradually departing. Such a heavenly treat to be without our daily crash and bang. Pink has been all day helping Leonard to cut his wheat. We are this year the proud possessor of a reaper and binder machine and as L has his tractor we combine.

Nov 24th
A perfect day. I’ve spent nearly the whole of it writing but after tea we went and gathered blackberries and vegetables. There were so many of the latter that we cant eat them! Its been a perfect day, still warm and fine, the country full of sunlight and purple shadows with practically no wind.

Nov 28th Sunday
I am sitting under the trees with the swara (a young buck that they were trying to rear) who has become quite tame and has supped up two full meals of milk. He and the dogs love each other and play around but the cats are terrified and spit at him.. It’s a perfect day, the distant view quite lovely, the mountains a hazy blue and the big veldt fires ascending in spiral columns. I am longing to get my summer house built and sit out often. How different are our present conditions to those at home, Mother writes of lovely weather but central heating in full forces and fires everywhere.

Nov 30th, Tuesday
This is a day of importance to us, for the reaping of our first real crop has begun.